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Bug reports for Risk of Rain 1.0.2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by needsomemiracle, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Duffie

    Duffie Orbital Explorer

    To bump onto my issue, I've got some more information.

    Well, first off, not so much information, but... This error is weird. What I thought had deleted my data is just reverting to a previous point. When that point is? No idea.

    Anyway, the game runs perfectly well, otherwise. Still an issue to look into, but I guess you could say the problem somewhat resolved itself!

    Thanks, I suppose. xD
    • Treadlight

      Treadlight Existential Complex

      EDIT 6: There's a lot of stuff here, so I'm gonna put it all in one big spoiler tag.
      The Toxic Beast ignoring ledges thing also happens with the Colossus. I believe it may happen with any other similar bosses as well.

      Barbed Wire does not follow the player perfectly. I know exactly what causes this, and exactly how to fix it. Although I shall presume Hopoo does also.

      Bosses may spawn on platforms other than the one the teleporter was on. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but when the boss spawns on a platform very far offscreen it can get quite annoying.

      EDIT: More bugs yay!

      Freezing time with the Unstable Watch causes any existing magma worms' heads to instantly face downwards, as well as them losing all momentum.

      This applies to all ranged attacks that have visible projectiles that move quickly, but in my example it's the bomb arrows from the Huntress.
      The Huntress's bomb arrows explode inside of the wall they hit, if they hit one. Rather than exploding on the wall.

      EDIT 2: I almost forgot, freezing time also makes all jump pads cease to function until time returns to normal.

      EDIT 3: That barbed wire bug actually occurs with all UI elements centered around the player. This includes items such as the AtG Missile Launchers, Snake Eyes, and the Lens Maker's Glasses.

      EDIT 4: I forgot how much I love reporting bugs.
      The Huntress's arrows can't hit monsters that are offscreen, and her auto-aim doesn't account for them.

      The Imp Overlord may occasionally use its laser-blast attack thingy to attack the air above it.

      EDIT 5: The monster log seems to be missing room for at least 5 entries. I believe this means that not all monsters have logs. I consider this a bug.

      The Unstable Watch doesn't freeze teleporter countdowns.

      There is something in the USES Contact Light that may (and probably will) cause slowdown, but I have no idea what it is, and adjusting the settings does not affect it. I suggest making sure all of the code for everything there is as efficient as possible, only executing lines when absolutely necessary, and making sure that there aren't too many tiles. If a tile is simply part of a larger background/foreground object, then it is best to make that entire object a single tile.

      Most of the stuff that Providence does is not affected by the graphics settings.
        Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
      • Nanophreak

        Nanophreak Space Hobo

        Was playing in attempt to get Merc achievement for beating Monsoon difficulty, came across the Miner unlock event while I was playing. Immediately upon beating the elder Lizurian, I heard the unlock noise and my game crashed.

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        • Calming Effect

          Calming Effect Space Spelunker

          I know for a fact that this is untrue. Her auto aim has a range, it is actually a bit smaller than the full screen.
          As for her not being able to hit enemies off-screen, this is also untrue. Easiest way to disprove this is to have the Leaching Seed item you will heal for 2 health when hitting enemies off-screen. Alternatively find an enemy off-screen, shoot and see if it dies.
          • Calming Effect

            Calming Effect Space Spelunker

            Toxic beast continues to be stuck after time stop ended.
            [will post screenshot, my screenshot library aren't loading properly currently]
            • Matanui3

              Matanui3 Phantasmal Quasar

              Several times. Most notably the Captain's Brooch; there was a thread about it at one time (they wanted to know why a locked item was lit up like they had gotten it).
              • Treadlight

                Treadlight Existential Complex

                I meant outside of the instance deactivation range. Which usually is slightly larger than the screen.
                • needsomemiracle

                  needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  A location instance, like in any modern MMO; an isolated copy of a location just for your party. It kind of made sense in context of RoR online co-op.
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                  • meow247

                    meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

                    magma worm still spawns in ancient valley

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                    • Chthonic One

                      Chthonic One Aquatic Astronaut

                      Is it not supposed to? I don't think I ever read anything about that being a problem.
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                      • meow247

                        meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

                        i dont really know. but i think that they arent supposed to spawn there. same goes to the vagrant
                        • PerfyNormal

                          PerfyNormal Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          After 90+ minutes of game play, my friends stupid drone died, it ended up duplicating about 20 to 50 on death,forming a row, causing my friend to crash out of the game and eventually me as well.
                          The first thing I saw was a big green line, with all the info text, then I noticed a line of blue on the ground and assumed those were duplicated dead drones. :p

                          I asked my friend for his error file.
                          ERROR in
                          action number 1
                          of Alarm Event for alarm 0
                          for object oDrone4:
                          Error in code at line 1:
                             if master.hp<master.maxhp
                          at position 11: Unknown variable hp
                          • nish

                            nish Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            in multilayer crits are inconsistent for everybody, if you crit on yours the enemies health goes down accordingly, but to everyone else it may or may not have crit and have the health bar at a different level, obviously the actual damage you did is weather you crit on the hosts side
                            EDIT:eek:h man crits are way out on the client my brother just got about 7 crits where i didnt see any, with is with 2 lense makers
                              Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
                            • Stormquake

                              Stormquake Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Just here to confirm that Enforcer's Crowd Control move is indeed bugged, failing to stun and sometimes even damage enemies when used in close combat or against free-flying mobs.
                              • nish

                                nish Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                atg missiles can appear to target different enemies cause hp bars to jump up/down
                                • nish

                                  nish Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  sticky bombs, and now I'm assuming all chance on hit items and crit are generated differently for host and all clients
                                  also sticky bombs on a client atleast sometimes cause 2 bombs to appear on the enemies but only 1 on the host
                                  • Treadlight

                                    Treadlight Existential Complex

                                    Is the Bustling Fungus supposed to deactivate when you attack? Because it's perfectly possible to attack while standing still.
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                                    • PerfyNormal

                                      PerfyNormal Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Good point Excavater9, I thought of that too while playing a while ago. Do not see mushrooms pop up while I am fighting, even if I am standing still. I assume attacking is sort of a move though, as you move your body to do your attack.
                                      • ipsum

                                        ipsum Twenty-three is number one

                                        Haha, I'm pretty sure the tooltip just fails to mention that you have to be out of combat. That, or the item isn't functioning as intended.
                                        • Cpt JezJez

                                          Cpt JezJez Orbital Explorer

                                          If you use Enforcer's "Protect and Serve" in front of a teleporter and then teleport to the next level you will be able to move normally (in the new level) but also be able to "activate" PaS by just standing still (it will works as usual). The icon of the ability will look as if you'd activated it the whole time. You won't be able to jump until you activated the skill manually, which will make everything normal.
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