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Discussion in 'Support' started by sevenlittledevils, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Enjoyed the game but came across a serious bug where I somehow played the same sequence again and again. It’s to do with the rock near the dinosaur skeleton, somehow I had gone foreword in the game without breaking the rock. And then when I needed to come to the other side of it there was no way through. The only way to solve it was to go back down to the white raccoon, all over again, release the gate into the monster, play through at least 5 sequences, including the knight, and rabbit hide and seek, and finally after that the fox lead me to the other side of the dinosaur where I could break the rock.

    maybe the first time I played it I had climbed back the way I came and didn’t break the dinosaur rock? Anyway, I can’t play it anymore to figure out what happened but I thought I should at least leave a comment here so you can look into what might have happened. Cheers!

    And towards the end there were moments the screen would flicker before the next scene loaded. Didn’t seem like an intentional part of the production, it was just a glitch.
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