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    After the girl's plot, in which she goes to get a spoon in the kitchen to eat cookies and the adoptive mother freaks out, we enter the man's plot, which starts at the top of the castle after taking off through a pulley on a white rope. From the beginning of this plot, I access the notes obtained and see that the note obtained by releasing the giant spider simply disappears, as if it had not been collected, returning the interrogation in its place. I've tried it more than once and every time I get to this man's plot, I miss the giant spider's note. Play through iPad 5 generation, iPadOS 14.7.1 system, through Apple Arcade in Brazil. With this bug, it is impossible to complete the game 100%.

    Complementing the previous explanation, when I decided to return to the place where the giant spider was trapped, I saw, in the background, a kind of black body, as if it had died and had not been released.
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      I think I understand better what's going on. I think initially I hadn't released the giant spider. So I loaded a previous check point into the game and from that loaded point I saved the spider and continued the game. But at some point, after the knight's plot and back to the man's main plot, the game confuses the loading and loads the man's plot point where I hadn't released the spider. I'm sure of this because, in the plot where I returned to save the spider, I arrived at that check point with 58 pain crystals. But after the knight's plot and I return to the main plot, I come back with 73 pain crystals, which is what I had collected up to that point, in the first sequence of salves. That is, even though the game allows you to return to a previous point and continue the game from there, there comes a time when the game loads a point according to what you did initially. Of the two hypotheses, one is true: either this was the developers' intention and the function to load previous points generates a false expectation of recovering some lost item, OR the game has a bug loading check points and, even if it has returned at a check point to retrieve some item and if continued from there, at a given time, the game loads the check point according to the route taken initially, and the retrieved item appears as lost, as not collected. I reported this because this could be a bug in loading checkpoints in a game.

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