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Closed Bug in Juicy Bugs Wanted

Discussion in 'Support' started by AsGNoir, Dec 30, 2020.

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  1. AsGNoir

    AsGNoir Big Damn Hero

    I have started one of the new big tasks. Willy needs 100 bug meat.

    I had 100 in my chest, so i just deposited those.

    He's not happy and it seems like he insists they are really fresh or at least that i go replenish my lost stock but grabbing some new ones.

    Bug: Adding 100 bug meat to the barrel doesn't complete the quest
    * Have 100 bug meat in a chest
    * Take "Juicy Bugs wanted" task from new task board.
    * Collect 100 bug meat from chest
    * Deposit 100 bug meat to willy's barrel.

    It looks like it's because the "quest help tracker" is counted as a requirement. The tracker probably only counts looted bug meat.

    Dropping them and picking them up will not increase the counter either.

    Slaying bugs will increase the counter.

    Stardew Valley, no mods. Running through Steam on version 1.5.1

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    • MouseyPounds

      MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

      That's how these quests are designed -- the "gather" component requires getting new items rather than taking from a chest.
      • Pangaea

        Pangaea Forum Moderator

        Going to go ahead and close thread as this is a nonissue.
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