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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ivanerodz, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Ivanerodz

    Ivanerodz Tentacle Wrangler

    With the extension of chapter 24, in the IOS version 2.0 of the game it is impossible to acquire the hook to lift oneself. After reaching the area after the hose, and dealing with the monster and bells, there is no hook in the area and one get’s permanently stuck!
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    • aliceisnu

      aliceisnu Space Hobo

      Yeah! I lost about 4 hours due this until noticing that is a bug. Hook is not appearing where it is suppose to be. I also tried to look where the hook might be in previous apple arcade version (not switch/pc one) and also nothing. So we are stuck.
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      • 8atman

        8atman Space Hobo

        Same problem, the hook to rise up does not show up at all :(
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        • Artlong

          Artlong Space Hobo

          Same problem. Dealt with the slime monster in the cave. No item to pick up.
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          • mpspedro

            mpspedro Space Hobo

            Same problem here on Apple TV. Neither restoring a previous save or restarting the game seems to work.
            • dardanellide

              dardanellide Space Hobo

              Same problem for me too on iPhone. The hook is shown on the tree you have to climb to reach the area of the cave and bells (picture 1), where it disappears if you get next to it. And then it's not available in the cave (picture 2 – obviously neither after defeating the monster, but I'm posting this image because looking at videos on the web I saw that before the update the hook was visible since you reached the area). inmost1.jpeg inmost2.jpeg

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