[BUG 1.0] Wooden boat... on Lava? Spilling... Water??

Discussion in 'Starbound FAQs, Q&A, and General Help' started by eksynn, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    just thought i'd point out the obvious ramifications of... sailing a wooden boat... on lava xD

    my friend and i went around the entire world on the boat... when i picked up speed, it tilted up a little and i caught on fire lol - but i quickly healed myself.
    almost didn't.

    anyway, point is: wood? lava?

    WATER particles sprouting out of the lava whilst we slide across the lava still-waves?

    PS: i'm probably posting this in the wrong thread... if so, please move the post if needed >w< thanks

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