Buff the Blink Slash ability

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Is the Blink Slash underpowered?

  1. Yes, it is underpowered and I'd like to have it buffed.

  2. No, it is as viable as the other abilities.

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  1. Kapparoach

    Kapparoach Aquatic Astronaut

    Oh boy, the Blink Slash. The ability may seem cool, but its very infuriating to use. If you don't know how lackluster that ability is, you haven't paid enough attention to it.

    Not only is it very inconsistent (failing to trigger during battle), but it is also very weak compared to the other, much more superior Broadsword abilities - especially my personal favorite, the Giant Sword.

    Here are my suggestions on how to buff it:
    1. Buff its stats generously (120 energy for 20 base dmg is not worth it for such a hard-to-use ability)
    2. make the player invulnerable while using the ability (taking damage while using it is a big problem)
    3. draw a hologram of where the player would blink (would massively reduce the chance of taking contact dmg)
    4. allow players to change the faced direction while slashing, by holding A or D while using the ability
    5. allow players to blink into the air and slash midair targets. <- edited to be more clear of what I mean
    Not all of these suggestions should be put into the ability at once, as that would in turn make it overpowered.

    Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

    ~Sincerely, Kapparoach.
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  2. oinkgamer

    oinkgamer Cosmic Narwhal

    yeah, whenever i see this ability i immediately go, "nice, something to sell!". these seem like good ways to make the ability relevant, especially #3 imo. how do you think #5 should work?

    also, to be fair, i dont use most procgen swords unless they have trail dash or ideally, super spin slash
  3. Kapparoach

    Kapparoach Aquatic Astronaut

    Oinkgamer, to answer your question about buff #5, it would allow players to blink to whatever spot their cursor is on, regardless of if its in midair, only being limited by solid blocks.
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