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    I'd just bought this game recently on Steam and I was about to begin a farm with my friends.
    I went into the co-op option of the game after creating a new character and also remembered to include extra housing to accommodate other players. When I went to co-op, there was no message at all reading "connecting to online services." I only had the option to join LAN.

    I wasn't the only one with this issue either. I searched around for a few hours but to no avail. I downloaded the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, both x64 and x86, as people from 2018 advised multiple times. I also made sure Steam overlay was working, that I was indeed connected to the internet, and I also disabled my firewall and antivirus just in case, but this failed as well.

    When hosting, I didn't have an invite code. The game basically acts like I'm not connected to the internet. I can not invite friends, I can not even use "Join game" directly VIA Steam. The game just won't respond at all when I try to accept invites from people. I also tried to edit the privacy of my profile from private, friends only, and public and that changed nothing.

    (Too Lazy To Read)
    No attempts from the game to connect to internet (LAN only)
    Non-existent invite code for hosted games (Nor the option to put in others')
    Firewall and Antivirus were not the issue
    Downloaded C++ 2013
    Attempted to join directly VIA Steam
    Changed Steam profile privacy settings

    Edit: I'm sorry, I have posted this in the wrong section. I meant to put this in support. If possible, could a mod please move this to the Support subforum?
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      Moved to support.

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