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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by NeoslayerX, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    Hi. As three or four of you may know, I have just started playing this game and joined these forums..
    The thing is, I think I have a bit of a problem.. I downloaded some sent mods, they seemed really cool. (Fracken, anime eyes, dungeons everywhere, etc.) They all seem up-to-date. I thought the latest version is the Glad Giraffe, which I have. (I noticed when loading the game in the bottom right in red text it says something about 2015, but it is 2016 now, so what's with that)
    I unzipped each file.. Example:
    I unzip a mod for hairy legs (example)
    I get a folder
    There are no steam directories to this game, don't know why. Where "Starbound" Should be, there is nothing. Instead I did "open file location" and Starbound was on my desktop instead... Whatever.. I go in the giraffe_storage, then mods, then put the folder in there.. I do the same with all my other mods.. Open the game..
    Nothing happens. I look my character's eyes to see if they have changed.. Neofro.. His eyes are as black and beady as ever.. Manly Mary.. Her eyes are still black and gazing pixels.. Nothing has changed, nothing changed and there is no proof that it worked. When I had access to Internet again I looked at my responses and downloaded a mod loader.. I tried to go in the Steam(x86) stuff, and so on, and tried to make a new "Starbound" folder.. I had to move all the content there.. Just in case, I deleted my Starbound (32 bit launcher) shortcut and put a shortcut to the new folder location, and replaced the launcher shortcut. I don't know if any of the launchers matter. (OPENGL , 62 bit, etc.) but I'd like to know which one is best for performance. I don't know anything about assets, so maybe I need to install mods with that? Am I out of date and installing mods the wrong way? The mods just don't appear when I clearly put the folder in the "mods" and threw the *mod name*.PAK files in the mods folder and the mod folders in.. When I downloaded that mod loader, that is how I figured out there was no directory to starbound.. That's the only reason I found out its missing from there. Now that it's there, I need a solution. It still won't appear. Tell me what I did wrong.
    Off-topic questions:
    Why do NPCs barf whenever they go in a teleporter?
    How do NPCs do the "omg", punching, barfing and heart emotions?
    Why do (most) NPCs hang out at the bottom floor of my houses?
    Why do they eventually start delaying and lagging?
    How can I fix item tool tips going off-screen?
    Why do some /spawnitem commands don't work with some items?
    I need some tips about NPC's and finding a tropical world WITHOUT high levels of radiation. (I wanna live there)

    PS. I REALLY love the song in the game where it goes like..
    "Dunn Dunn Duuuun Dunn Dun DUUUUN duuuuuuun"
    And then that EPIC violinny-part. I wish there was an extended version of that violinny-part. It keeps me up at night I think I have issues.
    I wonder if there are more music mods.
  2. The | Suit

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    If you have the latest steam version - mods go into starbound / mods
  3. Erynn

    Erynn Space Spelunker

    To answer one of your off-topic questions;
    For the /spawnitem you need the exact "id", otherwise you'll just get a perfectly generic object.
    I recommend for the ids.
    You also need /admin activated, though I'm guessing you already know that.
  4. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    Still having problems..
    That is what I did..
  5. Erynn

    Erynn Space Spelunker

    For the mods, make sure they're all for 1.0 or you're bound to get problems.

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