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Bottles or Knife?

Discussion in 'Assassin Discussion' started by Masao Moon, Aug 14, 2015.


Assassin or Alchemist?

  1. You get a Knife and you get a Knife! -Assassin-

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  2. Who's up for a Drink? -Alchemist-

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  1. Masao Moon

    Masao Moon Space Hobo

    This is a topic that kind of seemed 50/50 to me in Rebirth and I wanted to know what my fellow Assassin players thought as well in Adventures. I personally play the Knife build. Backstabs+Stealth+Poison+Base stat increases, with the healing potion on the side.
    • fearlessbro

      fearlessbro Intergalactic Tourist

      You definitely need to use potions. It is what makes the class what it is. Crowd controlling while single targetting with the knife. I use fire/ice to get that done.
      • Masao Moon

        Masao Moon Space Hobo

        I added the blast potion to my build, with epic it clears out all of the lesser minions like nothing so I can focus on the harder ones.
        • The Real Gypsy

          The Real Gypsy Void-Bound Voyager

          Once you rebirth enough times, you won't have to choose! You can have it all! :lickitung:
          • fearlessbro

            fearlessbro Intergalactic Tourist

            You still are limited by the hotkeys :(
            • Masao Moon

              Masao Moon Space Hobo

              I got Lofton's Firebrand and it seems to add fire to all of your attacks, including potions. The hotkeys limit your skill choice by two, maybe three if you decide not to have a normal attack. I say have Lofton's firebrand, ice potion, blast potion, ninja stars, vitality, and stealth. Pretty much covers all the bases except for confusion. Still haven't tried how effective that potion is yet.

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