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RELEASED Borderlands Unique and Legendary Items 0.1.1

Guns, glorious guns!

  1. Axxroytovu

    Axxroytovu Poptop Tamer

    Axxroytovu submitted a new mod:

    Borderlands Unique and Legendary Items - Guns, glorious guns!

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  2. nuker19

    nuker19 Space Kumquat

    Pictures please good sir
  3. Axxroytovu

    Axxroytovu Poptop Tamer

    I plan on making some videos in the next few days to put up here. I wanted to get the mod out and tested ASAP though.
  4. nuker19

    nuker19 Space Kumquat

    Alright then, i respect that and good on you for the fast reply
  5. Axxroytovu

    Axxroytovu Poptop Tamer

    A few gifs are up :)
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  6. Axxroytovu

    Axxroytovu Poptop Tamer

    Axxroytovu updated Borderlands Unique and Legendary Items with a new update entry:


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  7. Altered_Nova

    Altered_Nova Big Damn Hero

    Awesome mod! Any chance you would upload it to the steam workshop?
  8. Altered_Nova

    Altered_Nova Big Damn Hero

    This mod is preventing my game from booting up. The reason in my starbound log is this:

    Caused by: (StarException) Asset source 'BorderlandsGuns' is missing dependency 'CustomCollectionsUI'

    The problem is, I do have CustomCollectionsUI installed. But it's the Steam Workshop version. Is that why my game won't load? Does CustomCollectionsUI have to be placed in the starbound mods folder for this mod to work?
  9. Axxroytovu

    Axxroytovu Poptop Tamer

    I'm planning on uploading to the steam workshop once I finish, it's nowhere near done and I'm still working on adding all the features I want. As far as I know, you do need to have the CustomCollectionsUI placed in the mods folder. I think the Steam Workshop mods get loaded after the manual mods, which means that my mod may be missing dependencies. If you have it placed in your mods folder you shouldn't also need to be subscribed on Steam.
  10. Jerry Noeda'an

    Jerry Noeda'an Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Got this mod, and with the new 1.2.0 version, I find it doesn't work, but it's a trivial thing. Somewhere in your files, a file doesn't have 'windupTime' properly defined so it crashes trying to understand. The only things you have that have the variable are the grenades but all of those seem to be working fine, in terms of checking each file. I'm working on a hotfix at the moment, at least for my private modpack so my friend's server can keep running. Will let you know what I do to fix when I get it fixed.

    Edit: It also appears your Monster files for Deliverance and Tesla also offer 'windupTime', and simply removing all grenades and mentions of them doesn't fix the error. I think it's probably those Monster files.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016

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