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    So there was a boat-tech once. You could activate it while in mid-air, sitting in the boat at once spashing into the water looking awesome and then accelerating with nice speed and keeping that speed.

    Now the Boats are single objects. Thats not as much fun, but for the immersive aspect its nice/ok.
    The boats are pretty slow now, thats also sad and the first thing i don't really understand why it was changed?

    But can someone explain to me why the boats have to collide now? I build a shipyard. In said shipyard are 10 Boats. Now i can only use 2 of those boats, because all the others block each other...

    There must have been some kind of sense, because i cannot see it other than taking away a little possibility/fun.

    So my suggestion is:
    Please make the Boats "NOT" collide again.
    And please make the boats a little faster again or give us more versions with different speeds (looks,weapons, armor, etc.)

    Thank you;
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