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Closed Blue Screen from Starbound?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by xMASTERxt, Jan 23, 2016.

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  1. xMASTERxt

    xMASTERxt Void-Bound Voyager


    recently me and my friend bought Starbound and we playd together while i was hosting a server without any problems. Next day i got a Blue Screen while hosting a Server and playing starbound. After the restat my char got deleted D: . We started again playing after 20 mins of playing with a new char .... Blue Screen. Char again delted. I got no Blue screen in other games like CS:GO or something just in starbound. The Blue Screen says "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (dxgmms2.sys)" My OS is Windows 10 with the newest version. I had no problems while playing in Singleplayer. I got a GTX 760 4GB (EVGA) and 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 803MHz. CPU: AMD FX-4350. I cant find a solution on the internet so far. I hope you guys can help me with that problem. (Sorry Wrong forum i think. I saw that to late il'l repost it in the right forum)

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  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Moved to Starbound Support. Website & Forum Support is aimed more at website-related issues.
  3. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    I saw this and ignored the rest.

    There is a DirectX problem with Windows 10. Some games have this problem. But its nothing really the developers can do about it I'm afraid.
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  4. Tovlyn

    Tovlyn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ok I posted on the other thread for this problem, but saw this and felt like thanking you for letting us know. That kinda sucks though. Oh well, If there's one thing us starbounders have gotten good at, it's waiting.
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  5. xMASTERxt

    xMASTERxt Void-Bound Voyager

    Update : After playing 2h witout crashing it could be the fault of the 64bit version of Starbound. Im using now the 64 bit version with OpenGL and it works fine just with some frame drops but without any Blue Screens.This might be the solution of the problem. TY guys for all the answers!
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