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Blue bottle on beach

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hennesm3, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. hennesm3

    hennesm3 Intergalactic Tourist

    How do I get to the blue bottle on the beach near to the hat shop?

    • UnexpectedParole

      UnexpectedParole Industrial Terraformer

      That is out of bounds to my knowledge. if there is a way to get there I would be interested in hearing it.
      • BentFX

        BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

        This is the closest I could get with the standard out of bounds glitch...
        Actually, it allows you to get "inside" the wall next to it, which is closer but doesn't make for a good screenshot. I couldn't find any way to get onto the beach. Either way, I'm sure it can't be interacted with. If it was something that could be picked up it would show up in the game code, and it doesn't.

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