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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by blind sniper, Nov 23, 2012.

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    I feel kind of weird having my first interaction with you being a request for something, but could you possibly do a pixel logo of my Corporation? It's called ANOAR (Active Native Object Acquirement and Resell) and I was thinking of a Mass Effect inspired logo (kind of like the N7 logo) but with a blue color instead (I've been using 0991ff if that helps). Anyway yeah, I'd really appreciate it if you could do that. :D

    EDIT: And if you could make a stylized logo added in (whatever random shape fits) then that'd be cool too. I'll give full credit to you :)
  2. Pandamonium

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    [​IMG] Could you give him a monocle? Tis all I need.
  3. Sorry but I have to say no.:(
    The first reason is that I know almost nothing about ME
    Also, I suck at logo design. Srsly.:ssssssssss:
    After all, this thread is on Fan-art section, so I'm generally focused on Starbound-style stuff

    Summary: maybe I could work on it, but It's not very probable. And definitely not not anytime soon.
    Sorry again.:confused:
  4. GeekNeff

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    Heh, that's all good man :D I'll probably try a hand at pixel-art myself and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the consideration though <3
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  5. monocle.png
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    Are you still taking requests? If so I would love a pixel avatar based on the ABC Warrior seen in the original Judge Dredd movie, here is a good pic I found of a model of the warrior:

    Ideally he would be doing something like smoking a pipe or eating cookies or something nonthreatening like that, the better to lure squishy meat-sacks within range. If you don't want to do that or would rather do this more another pixel avatar I would love would be this character riding an armored (or cyborg/robot) battle corgi:
    [​IMG] corgi seen here:[​IMG]though I would like to point out I have little experience with pixel art (why I'm requesting your help!) and the limitations of it so whatever you'd be willing to create I would be most grateful for! Thanks much :D
  7. spiderant.png Still working on others
    herp.png Not sure about 'crystals':unsure:
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  10. Hey Blind this may sound like a dumb question but how to you add those "spoiler" tabs to your threads? I made a page for my art much like yours, but id like to clean it up a bit so it looks nicer.
  11. Should just be [spoiler]*text goes here*[/spoiler]

    You can also change the text of the spoiler by doing this (there must be a space after the comma though)
    [spoiler=NameWhenUnopened, NameWhenOpened]*text goes here*[/spoiler]

    For example

    Can be made by typing
    [spoiler=hi, bye]Stuff[/spoiler]
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  12. Thanks a bundle!
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  15. Yep, but I didn't update it for YEARZo_O.
    Also, it consists mostly of NSFW things...:oops:
  16. shardival

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    Nice! X3 Show us!
  17. 'K, but you have been warned.
    there you go...

    (I think you will be disappointed though:badpokerface:)
  18. shardival

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    where is those NSFW things?! :saywhat:
    ...not that I was hoping for some boo...I mean...yeah...:oops:

    You should add your pixel arts there :)
  19. See 'occupation' string in my profile.:p

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