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  1. Admonishment: I officially renounce all rights to the following ideas. I demand allow humbly ask the developers to include it in the game anyway (unless they consider it worthy and fitting into the game concept).

    Name: Mawtrap (not set in stone yet:alien: )
    Smooth.png stub1.gif
    Scientific name: Megalohiatus maxillosus
    Environment: Mostly jungle and the tentacle, as there may be a desert, arctic, infernal (lava) or an underwater subspecies, which can vary colors and appearance.

    Ecology: a sedentary predator. Preys on small flying/climbing creatures (like birds, insects, lemurs, etc.). Can move, but very slowly and not often. In its 'maw' nests and spawns small flying symbionts, both like mosquitoes and colibris (mosquilibris?). They are mostly nocturnal creatures and their strange 'kaleidoscope' eyes allow them to see in the dark, while the 'flashlight' on their tails help them to 'communicate' with each other.

    Reproduction: The 'Hive' is sexless, reproducing with spores, that are spread by symbionts. Symbionts lay eggs and raise their larvae in the 'hive'.

    Battle: Symbionts protect their 'nest' and will attack any large creature approaching to it (including the player). They are pretty weak, but their beaks are sharp and poisonous, and there are DOZENS of them. However, they are usually inactive during the day, but the 'Nest' is active. It can attack you with its extendable poisonous sting/tongue (hmm.. Stingue?:rofl: ). As you can see, before the attack it must close eyes (it has two eyes on both sides of the body), so you can dodge its attack if you're quick enough. Of course, if you attack the 'nest', the 'birds' will wake up.

    • Poison glands
    • Mosquilibri eggs (a rare delicacy on several worlds)
    Usage:If the player was able to capture it, he can use it as a 'living turret' - to protect a planetary base against intruders or something like that.

    Traditionally, sorry for bad English and rough animation (new in GIF:oops: ).
    Some additions:

    Infernal/lava (Megalohiatus infernis)
    Lives in hot places. Have spiked tentacles. Totally fire-proof (fire/heat-based weapon can't hurt it). Spit the liquid napalm-like substance, can set player on fire. Also provides 'napalm' to its symbionts.
    Unique drop:
    • Napalm
    • Fire-proof hide (can be used to create special armor)
    Desert (Megalohiatus sabulosus)
    Lives in hot and dry places (deserts, you know). The spines make it look like a cactus. Its eyes turned blue due to the strange spicy substance (maybe chili). Its attack can sap you, and if you do not drink the liquid, you will die soon.
    Unique drop:
    • Potable water (If you do not consider water valuable, so you have never been dying of thirst)
    • Spice (cause Shpishe musht FLOW)
    Arctic (Megalohiatus nivalis)
    Lives at chilly places. White and fluffy. Beware of its fluffy tentacles!
    It seems bigger because of its thick fur. Its attack can 'freeze' you (in fact it's a paralyzing neurotoxine) . Symbionts have no special abilities Symbionts can inject ice flower's pollen into your blood that causes allergies. By this you have watery eyes and you can't distinguish fine details (enlarging pixels on a screen?). They also have cold immunity.
    Unique drop:
    • Neurotoxine (you can make 'stun gun' with it)
    • Fluffy hide (can be used to create armor/stylish clothing)
    Aquatic (Megalohiatus deprofundis)
    Underwater subspecies. Have a strong shell. Can create an 'ink cloud' reducing your view-sight. Attacks much slower, but in water you'll slow down too... Its symbionts are adapted members of the same order as another ones.
    Unique drop:
    • "Pearls" (not actal pearls, but they're shyny&prescious)
    • Ink (IDK why do you need ink on spaceship. Really.)
    And now!
    From the distant planet SHELEZYAKA (No water. No oxygen. No plants. No minerals. Populated by robots. Approximate translation of the name - "Useless rusty piece of metal junk")
    ...very special
    Steampunk subspecies!
    (Pseudomegalohiatus mechanicus)
    (Yeah, evolution is a kinda strange thing)
    In fact it's an inorganic (metal-based) "life"-form, surviving in a very hostile environment. It consist of massive stationary 'base' and small mobile 'drones', looking for the only valuable things on this planet - metal and energy. Because all natural metal deposits here were depleted many years ago, the only source of metal are other 'mechanimals' or aliens (including a player, of course). Drones can can detect any metal-containing thing you have in inventory (they sense a magnetic field). They can steal power directly from player's batteries. 'Base' can attack with its electrical sting-like 'probe' (stuns like taser).
    Unique drop:
    • Scrap metal (all sort of gears, wires, lamps, etc. Rarely you may find something useful and/or valuable)
    • Battery cells
    (Notice: you possibly will need a screwdriver to loot it!)
    At last (but not least) two more specimens from highly threatening worlds:
    Acid (Megalohiatus argus)
    Lives at chemically/radioactively polluted places. Squirting acid through its tubular tentacles, can inflict armor corrosion (temporarely reduces defence). It have multiple eyes (even inside of its maw) and NEVER blinks so it far more accurate than others. Ist 'bite' also have chance to put on you radiation sickness (reduces all stats, deadly without treatment), as well as its symbiont's or if you just walk near it without a special suit.
    Unique drop:
    • Alpha-desoxy-2,3-dihmethylhorrific acid (also known among non-scientists simply as 'The Acid') - very strong organic acid, dissolving even gold, palladium and adamantium (I hope there will be adamantium?), can be used in your research and maybe to craft armor-piercing ammo
    • Its organs may be used to prepare anti-rad serum
    Dark (Megalohiatus tenebrae)
    Lives in dark places (ethernal night planets and/or deepest caverns). Eyeless, but can feel all around with its star-shaped echolocation organ. Can also focus ultrasonic waves (via this strange 'purple gem') to inflict massive damage and confusion. Sonic waves are invisible so you will be much more difficult to dodge it. Its Symbionts can not to feed on the nectar of flowers (there is no flowers inded), preferring instead the fresh warm blood (Blah!). Their saliva contains an anticoagulant, so the bleeding does not stop. With your blood they can heal themselves and their "host", which can also steal your health with its tongue. Symbionts can see in ultraviolet light, so their 'lanterns' are almost invisible in the darkness (maybe with a special goggles...). They prefer to attack suddenly and with a large flock.
    Unique drop:
    • Dark crystal - very rare and precious itself, it can be used as a 'resonator' to craft a powerful 'sonic gun': with it you could attack enemies simply by your voice (preferable words are "MUAD'DIB!" or "FUS RO DA!":rofl: )
    • Bloodthirsty sting - by a strange caprice of nature it is able to separate living and is compatible with human metabolism. With the help of cruel and unusual bio-surgery you will be able to implant it directly into your body and use it as a biological "whip" or "grappling hook" that can steal the health of all living beings you attacks.
    The following list of sub-species arranged from the weakest to the most dangerous. However, you must not forget that they are ALL dangerous.
    Jungle --> Desert --> Aquatic --> Arctic --> Mechanic --> Lava --> Acid --> Dark
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  2. Lazor Llama

    Lazor Llama Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's pretty awesome :D
  3. Red Space Monkey

    Red Space Monkey Phantasmal Quasar

    Wow, respect for this astonishing animation.
  4. animex88

    animex88 Void-Bound Voyager

  5. Crepuscular Fox

    Crepuscular Fox Aquatic Astronaut

    Awesome. The animation is amazing.
  6. Woah thanks to all! I am glad:giggle: :notworthy:

    Everyone still may suggest variants of its name. It is hard to create an exact term using not-native language :rolleyes:

    Some more info about (nameless yet) monster:

    Reproduction: The 'Hive' is sexless, reproducing with spores, that are spread by symbionts. Symbionts lay eggs and raise their larvae in the 'hive'.

    Usage: If the player was able to capture it, he can use it as a 'living turret' - to protect a planetary base against intruders or something like that.
  7. aiMarz

    aiMarz Big Damn Hero

    Great idea. And I believe the names are sufficient enough not to worry about them. Love the ideas behind releasing smaller Mosquilibri's to attack players. Adds a greater depth to the monster. all in all, well thought out. Good luck :)
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  8. Every Human

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    this is really good keep it up
  9. jon218

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    Wow, that is awesome...:up::up::up:
  10. Hi everyone!
    I'm grateful for all votes and replies!
    I just added some things - a smoother sprite and two new subspecies. Hope you'll love it, and some more are coming soon!
    And now I need to take a nap. In Soviet Russia bed is go to YOU:zzz:
  11. The Duke

    The Duke Space Spelunker

    I'm totally diggin' it.
  12. Behold!
    Three more magnificent variants - arctic, underwater and mechanical (don't ask). Also I hope that I can add a smoother animation when (and if) I will have time.
  13. LiquidMetal

    LiquidMetal Void-Bound Voyager

    Steampunk FTW!
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  14. Narutoman

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    wow, just amazing, i like that it has different versions of itself, and the bugs that fly out of it. Nicely done
  15. ArtByElde

    ArtByElde Starship Captain

    well what can i say, i wanna paint this aswell, pure awesome design, very well done!
  16. Auraknight

    Auraknight Weight of the Sky

    i love this and it variations it'd be great if you win!, but i pity the devolpers, so many awsome creations, they'll be tearing there hair out to decide what one to pick!
  17. But nobody forbids devs to take and use some of these ideas;)
  18. Mortva

    Mortva Void-Bound Voyager

    How can they POSSIBLY pick one single winner and two runnerups? There are like 8 winners atleast cause of either the art or the Idea or the mixture of both is just too wonderful to decide between! Like this one. Good art and one awsome idea.
  19. Oh thanks for that! I just hope devs will add a Russian translation in my free game copy:rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Seryously, tere are a BUNCH of more worthy projects.:geek:
  20. downstroypvp

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    I love everything, from the way they attack to the way they reproduce.

    Art is awesome too. Good job.

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