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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SakataGintoki, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Hi everyone, looking to make a pretty extensive mod. It would be a bleach themed mod and looking to add a bunch of different material...

    So far I have wanted to create the main cast of characters as either clothing options, armor, and hair styles, or a shinigami style race.

    I also wanted to add in weapons based on shikai, and bankai, for each character as well as ichigos Final Getsuga tenshou form from the aizen bleach fight..

    Looking to also add in effects for the swords, ones that deal damage on charge releasing a projectile attack such as getsuga tenshou, and other effects like a whip like attack of Renjis shikai, Senbanzakura projectile type attacks, as well adding hados, ceros, and various other things from the series..

    I think this could be a very extensive and awesome mod to do and would love all the help I could get from those interested! Also feel free to add in some other ideas such as enemies like hollows, different background change ideas like a karakura town backdrop, or a modified ship, music from the series, objects, maybe a viazard, or arrancar race, etc..

    As for now I am pretty much a Noob and this would be my first mod so I would need some experienced people to show me the ropes and help get some stuff done.
    I have been searching around and playing with notepad++ and Gimp to edit races and all that, but having some issues with creating swords and adding those effects.. wondering if someone could help in this regard to give a guideline or something of that nature...

    for the swords that charge and release projectile attacks i.e. zangetsu, getsuga tenshou; I was thinking of merging interface of guns and swords together to be able to utilize both swinging and a launch style attack together.. My other idea was using the arcane base mod of fireball or something of that effect and altering the animation while combining it with a sword..

    Anyways let me know what you think!

    Anyone that wants to pitch in let me know!

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  2. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    As of now I am also using some reference pre made sprite animations and characters to help guide me in my own mod.. some examples





    And a link site with character sprites, animations, and all related material
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  3. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Wondering if anyone can help me out with a specific problem..

    I just created Ichigo's Zanpakatou with custom projectile animation swing, and projectile release "Getsuga Tenshou" I am wondering if it is possible to create a charge style attack on a two handed broadsword to release a stronger attack complete with added animation effects.. Thinking like an added reitsu flare around the character and short animation flash sequence. This would be activated by holding down the left click on mouse, so it has the standard projectile attack on base swing, and the additional charged strong projectile attack with added screen animation.. is something like this possible? Would I need to merge different coding?

    I am actually surprised how quick I am picking all this up as this is my first time modding EVER lol, but seems to be running along pretty nice..

    Thanks for the help!
  4. darkmatterisNL

    darkmatterisNL Void-Bound Voyager

    I can't wait for the mod
  5. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Thanks man! Actually we are releasing it very soon!

    The first update will include Kurosaki Ichigo, and Hitsugaya Toshiro.

    It will have the hair, and clothing for both characters, ichigo will have his shinigami clothes, and the bankai version,.. Also a bankai and shikai of each sword, Toshiro will also have an ice dragon outfit and sword on bankai, though I do not know if that will make the first release or not...

    The swords also have projectile releases resembling getsuga tenshou, and Toshiro's Ice Dragon.

    We are also designing custom techs, making ceros, and hados, and creating a flash step, as well as visard masks, more characters and their respective gear, custom bleach music for the soundtrack, Hallows, custom ship resembling a wacky Urahara Conntraption, and a template change of the enviroment background to make a Bleach theme.. Gonna throw in a ton of goofy easter eggs as well.. Different vanity Items and the sorts... Will be a very fun mod, and I am sure any bleach fan will LOVE it!

    Eventually We will be cross referencing other animes, games, and movies of the like. So be on the look out for this as well.. It may be a separate mod though.

    Let me know what you would like to see personally in the next mod and I will try to work it in, I want to go by what other people would like to see first. Like maybe a certain Arrancar character, certain themes, some kind of tech, etc..

    This is going to be a very extensive mod, so rest assured I am going to push out as much bleach content and cast as possible ;)
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  6. Russy

    Russy Pangalactic Porcupine

    This looks awesome, looking forward to it
  7. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    FIrst Mod Release will be done within a weeks time frame...

    We are desperately looking for more spriters, artists and team people, anyone that loves Bleach and would like to help out or be part of the team is more then welcome!

    We are a very flexible crew, no restraints but people with experience and good spriting abilities please don't hesitate to be part!

    This will all help to create more extensive content, and to have higher quality art, as well as faster mod releases!

    Thanks so much for all the help and interest again!
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  8. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    We need a bit of help before doing our first mod release, everything is set to go but we need an artist that can help with a toshiro outfit consisting of armor chest, legs, helmet/hair, and a green scarf item! . Anyone able to help us out with this?

    here is some reference pics for the character both animation style, and sprite


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  9. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Anyone that is experienced in spriting and willing to sprite it I will send our current game file to let them check it out as well.
  10. Crazy8Rex

    Crazy8Rex Subatomic Cosmonaut

    An idea for the future, that I would really like to see is to make a vizard into a tech/mech which you faster, and do cero.
  11. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    we were gonna use it as a mask with status effects, the cero will be another equip able item.
  12. Xaldin

    Xaldin Big Damn Hero

    Do you plan on trying to go anywhere with the Fullbringer?
  13. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Yes, we are adding the Fullbringer characters and content, though the first release will only have a small fraction of how extensive the mod will be so all in its timing.. The more people we have, and help the faster we can make updates and bring more content..

    This Mod will follow directly up to date with the current story arc of the Manga which is in chapter 565 as of today.. This will mean all the updated weapons, and outfits of the main cast, as well as the implementation of the quincies.
  14. Xaldin

    Xaldin Big Damn Hero

    Wow the Manga is at 565... I wish the Anime would keep going.... :/
  15. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    They are making a new season this year :D At least as far as I know it... Do you not read the manga now, its so good! They needed to wait a while so they wouldn't catch up to the current manga issue too quick, which creates a ton of filler junk, yuck! lol

    Though this is not the original reason of ending bleach as of where it stood till now, it had something to do with licensing rights or something I think;... Contract ran out maybe..

    The 1000 year war is supposed to be the longest arc and is also the last of the bleach series.. This is the one that is happening in the manga as of now.

    After it finishes Noriaki Kubo is putting bleach to a close and moving to new projects.
  16. Xaldin

    Xaldin Big Damn Hero

    Why would they have to wait Bleach Ended its season at 366 in Jp that is the English is at like 325 or something like that...
  17. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    The japanese subbed anime can't have ongoing episodes if the manga is not far enough ahead with content.. Animes always cover several manga chapters an episode, that is why you always see mangas that are so far ahead of each respective paired anime.. Even then they use fillers to keep a gap so there is no issues with not having enough animation content and story, at least this is how it is for the really long animes like bleach, naruto, one piece. D Gray Man, etc..

    I don;t know how it relates to the dubbed versions as I never watch dubbed stuff, took way too much time learning japanese to not watch it in original versions ;) . Good way to pick up on the language too..

    With dubbing and american releases its just about re editing the episodes and changing the voice overs to the american ones.. This takes actors, studios, lots of editing work, and TIME lol..
  18. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Absolutely, I can even give you our current semi finished mod in a PM, Also this goes for you and everyone else.. If you want specific characters, objects, or items put in our mod let me know.. I want to go by what others want...

    Also eventually I was going to release a mod with a bunch of anime, video game, and movie references, a cross title mod if you will... I don't think it will be added for this mod but be on the lookout for that and feel free to pitch in suggestions as well.. We will put in some DBZ content as well as Ao no Exorcist, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Rouroni Kenshin, Blazblue, Gintama, Gundum, World's strongest disciple Kenichi, Beezlebub, most Jump comic Manga content,etc.. You get the picture lol

    Will also need as much help on both bleach and this future project as well, those interested be sure to let me know!

    Also expect first release in the upcoming days.. We had some issues recently that delayed our first launch but it will be done, very, very, soon..
  19. VisionMonster

    VisionMonster Yeah, You!

    Could you pm me the semi complete mod?
  20. SakataGintoki

    SakataGintoki Zero Gravity Genie

    Yes sir
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