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Bug/Issue blank/unresponsive starmap

Discussion in 'Support' started by shortytastic, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. shortytastic

    shortytastic Space Spelunker

    i found a weird black star (it was like the normal stars, but it was completely black?) while looking around. seems it was broken or not fully loaded or something?
    closing the map/closing/restarting the game does not resolve the issue.
    all the buttons are unresponsive.

    i use a bunch of mods, but none of them are mods for my ship.

    the map is functional on my other character.

    here's what the map looks like:

    lemme know if any more info is needed. it's been like this for months and this character is unplayable. i cannot warp down/deploy my mech. (i couldn't find anything online about this bug ):)

    i fear my game's corrupt or something.

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