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Bug/Issue Blackscreen with sounds from the witch

Discussion in 'Support' started by ClaudiMeow, May 17, 2018.

  1. ClaudiMeow

    ClaudiMeow Space Hobo

    I'm playing the beta in singleplayer mode since a few days and now I am on the last day of winter. When I go to bed, the screen turns black, changes into another black and a melody and the sound of the witch begins. The screen stays black and I can't click or do something.
    When I close the game, my savestate is still the 28th winter and I can't begin the first day of spring year 3.
    I don't use any mod or SMAPI or something else.
    And I am not sure if this a bug of the beta or the normal game. Maybe someone has an idea or the same problem.

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