Blackholes (As a type of Star)

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    Here is an idea that's probably been thought by many, but I haven't seen any posts on it. I think Blackholes would be cool as a type of star, with Planets orbiting it. IRL, it is indeed possible for Planets to orbit the structures, though their time is limited. The planets orbiting could be distorted by Hawking radiation, and could have pieces flying up out and into the Black hole. Also, i think the planets orbiting the Holes could have a time limit on them, before they plummet into the endless pit.
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    Well, they wouldn't need a "time limit". If they've been orbiting it for the BILLIONS of years it takes for a planet to form, they're most likely in a goldilocks location where they cannot be sucked int( just like the black hole at the center of the galaxy doesn't suck stars in).

    What i would like to see is a function akin to that in Spore. You could "land" on a black hole, however with a special augment to your ship, it will allow you to travel through it. This would make your ship spawn in another black hole, anywhere form the closest one to on the other side of the galaxy. Perfect for exploration.
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    Sounds like a good idea!
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    Hoorah for wormholes!
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