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  1. Ex0dus13

    Ex0dus13 Intergalactic Tourist

    Wanted to share a quick black cat rendition i did.


    I've made an updated 'no white feet' version

    Added a tailless grey tabby as well

    You'll be replacing the file cat.xnb in the folder:
    \Stardew Valley\Content\Animals\
    you can back up the file by just renaming it cat.xnb_OLD

    Just drop the downloaded cat.xnb file into:
    \Stardew Valley\Content\Animals\
    (if the old cat.xnb is still there, just overwrite / replace it)

    and you should be good to go :)

    White feet version

    Black feet version

    Tailless grey tabby
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    • cantorsdust

      cantorsdust Existential Complex

      I love black cats! Added to the mod list.
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      • xjapanboy

        xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

        well this is awesome! Thank you!
        • Tabitha

          Tabitha Void-Bound Voyager

          You are amazing! Thank you!
          • valkyriex

            valkyriex Poptop Tamer

            Thanks for this! Can finally have my own irl cat in the game :D
            • User Deleted

              User Deleted Aquatic Astronaut

              Thank you soooo much :kitten2:
              • SailorDonut

                SailorDonut Void-Bound Voyager

                I love these! Is there any chance you could do the gray tabby with a tail? I am going to use the tailless one in the meantime. So fun to have a cat that looks like my real cat! Thank you for making these mods!
                • ProphetSix

                  ProphetSix Starship Captain

                  Can u make the tabby with a tail plz plz plz?? :) :) :)
                  • endermaryn

                    endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    I love your black cat recolor. As soon as I discovered there were mods for this game, I knew I had to find a black cat mod. I love black cats!

                    Would you be able to change the tiny cat face in the menu to reflect your black kitty mod? It still shows the default tabby picture.
                    • Lyrina25

                      Lyrina25 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      Super cute! But is there any way you can a version of the black feet with the outline darker than the main fur?

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