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    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Cait and I'm a streamer at . My buddy Louie and I have been playing and enjoying Stardew Valley since it came out and recently have gotten into creating mods. We are both also big fans of Monster Hunter and we wanted to share with you our Monster Hunter skins for the Stardew animals

    Download here:!gg4k3TIT!HCFSyo15LQKRvXZLfYk3ei_ZV_NxAsAy2Qh9rs8nZ7U

    So far we have:
    Zinogre (dog) dog.png
    Nargacuga (cat) cat.png
    Yan Kut-Ku (white chickens) BabyWhite Chicken.png White Chicken.png
    Blue Kut-Ku (brown chickens) BabyBrown Chicken.png Brown Chicken.png
    Yian Garuga (void chickens) BabyVoid Chicken.png Void Chicken.png
    Gammoth (cow) Brown Cow.png
    Kelbi (goats) BabyGoat.png Goat.png

    We also have modded in ourselves as Elliot and Leah and have re-written the dialogue, gift chart and altered the character models to closely resemble ourselves.

    Leo (Elliot) elliott.png Elliottp.png
    Cait (Leah) Leah.png Leahp.png

    Let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas for more monsters to add let us know :)

    Further Farm animals will be modded in the future.

    A gift cheat sheet can be found down below.

    Leah -
    Loved Items : Fire Opal, Trilobite, Jade, Dinosaur Egg, Baked Fish, Pizza,
    Spaghetti, Maki Roll, Cranberry Sauce, Wine, Grape, Strawberry, Crab cakes, Lobster Bisque,
    Ocean Stone, Hazelnut.
    Liked Items : Octopus, Joja Cola, Drift Wood, Fried Egg, Sashimi, Void Egg, Jelly.
    Disliked Items : Stone, Potato, Pink Cake, Cookie, Tortilla, Rice Pudding, Pumpkin Soup,
    Carp Surprise, Commun Mushroom.
    Hated Items : Diamond, Catfish, Bean Hotpot, Pepper Poppers, Rabbit's Foot, Pale Broth.


    edit: Forgot to credit Portrait mods.
    OG! Anime Portraits from
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