RELEASED Bishie Elliott and Turtleneck Maru - complete resprites of older versions

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    This mod contains: Maru sprites, Elliott sprites, and Elliott portrait. I know there are like a million portrait mods now, but none of this particular Elliott, so I here it is. I did not include a Maru portrait because it is the same as Maru Resprite by Galebourn and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes.

    These sprites have been fully edited/replaced. Elliott has his new (old) hairstyle and a bunch of minor costume/posture tweaks, Maru has been entirely redrawn from the ground up, based on old screencaps from the Stardew Valley developer blog.

    Please let me know if there are glitches or problems.
    (Wedding Maru's blush is mismatched in the image but fixed in the mod lol)



    Download Here

    Unzip, and place the Content folder in your Stardew Valley game directory. Let it override the original files (back them up before doing so).
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    • Nypra

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      Aw sweet, looks great! Thank you! :nuruflirt:
      • StardewLaunchPlayer

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        Thank you!! I adored Elliot's old look.
        • aganman

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          Hey, it seems Galebourn deleted the files from that link or something. Does anyone still have it :confused:? Or know where it is now?

          Congats :D. I love that Elliott look and I will never understand why CA chose that weird, creepy, drama, from-the-side portrait for him instead. Well, I can't understand why he changed a lot of the portraits, actually.
          And those Maru sprites look amaaazing! I love her curly hair instead of that weird straight hair thing she had going on.
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            Added to mod list!

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