Biome Suggestions I: Completely vanilla-compatible

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    Alright, here's the first set of proposed additions to biomes that 1) don't require bringing back removed assets 2) don't require making new assets. This will be edited and expanded as I have time.

    Changes to existing Biomes
    Barren: Basically import the ideas from the "better Barren" mod of creating empty Garden, Snow, Volcanic and Midnight worlds.
    Garden: Still the same garden biome we know, but with more microdungeons that involve ruins of some sort and more NPCs than now to represent it being a garden, with past cultivation. Trees changed to being Oldwood for bark, and Green Leaves for leaves. Add in carrots to the crop distribution. Add windstorms. Add Giant flower minibiome.
    Deserts: Basically keep as is except for more color variations for cacti. More shades of green for the plants themselves and more shades for the flower. Add windstorms.
    Forest: Add luminous rain.
    Savannah: Add in some of the farming-related microdungeons/buildings we see on Garden worlds now to them along with corn/wheat/potato crops. Also add storms.
    Ocean: Add cocoa to the crop pool because tropics along with adding drizzle.
    Snow: Add windstorms

    Changes to existing sub-biomes
    Asteroids: Load them up with minerals that range from a tier or two above the world below plus obvious space-station type minidungeons/dungeons.

    New Planet Types:

    Tier 1: Low
    Lush: The existing garden biome we have now basically with the only change being distribution of colors for pine trees being a bit wider -- think a deeper range from green to blueish and more windstorms. Giantflower and spring minibiomes added.
    Tier 2: Moderate
    Grassland: Flat like savannah, but with soil/cobblestone. Tree Bark type is the Cocoa type with leaves being the "Piney" type and yellowy-green. Enemies: Poptop, Scaveran, Fennix, Iguarmer, Adult Poptop, Gleap. Critters: Bird, Bunny, Blip, Sporeling, Armadillo. Tritrot. Bugs: Dustmoth. Dewhopper. Blueback. Minibiomes: Spring, Oasis, Giant Flowers. Crps: wheat, potato, corn, carrot, grapes
    Tier 3
    Fallen Agriworlds: Same soil/cobblestone mix for block composition and current garden biome-style pines but with Tier 3 level dangers -- expect crazy cultists. Lots of settlements plus farm-based minibiomes. Uses garden monsters with the addition of adult poptops and Capricoat. Critters: Bird, Bunny, mouse, squirrel, Chev. Sub-biomes: Giantflowers, alpine, oasis, swamp.

    New Sub Biomes:
    Carrot Fields: Microbiome for Grassland, Forest, Garden, Lush, Fallen Agriworlds. Basically fields of carrots.
    Wheat Fields: Fields of wheat. Grassland, Garden, Savannah biomes, Fallen Agriworlds have this as an option.
    Potato Fields: Basically fields of potatoes. Garden, Lush, Forest. Fallen Agriworlds and Snow biomes can have this.
    Rice Fields: Garden, Lush, Fallen Agriworlds and forest have this. Has Hylotl surface village microdungeons/dungeons as a possibility in this.
    Grape Fields/vineyards: Basically just fields of grapes with farming-related minidungeons. Garden, Lush, Fallen Agriworlds, Savannah, Grassland have this.
    Tuber Farms: A minibiome for growing potatoes, diodia, eggshoot, potato, toxitop. Sub-biome of Fallen Agriworlds, Grassland and Fallen Plantation worlds
    Mooshi Ranch: A largely flat minibiome with wild mooshi and of course procedurally-generated monsters using the mooshi black/white/a little pink color scheme. Grassland and Savannah only.

    New underground sub biomes
    Mushroom Farms: Lots of mushrooms growing, with a background like the current underground wilderness biome.

    Proposed Tier

    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Fallen Agriworld/Ocean/Savannah/Snow
    Tier 4
    Mutated/Jungle/Toxic/Fallen Plantation Worlds/Postgarden/Fallen civilization
    Tier 5
    Arctic/Tundra/Midnight/Nuclear Winter/Steppe
    Tier 6
    Magma/Volcanic/Decayed/Hothouse/Desert Islands/Veldt

    Endorsements/addons for others' biomes:
    Giant grass blade biome: This one can be a fallen agriworld, mutated, grassland, savannah, Fallen plantation, Steppe and Veldt sub-biome..
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