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RELEASED Bigger Boat Mod 2015-12-15

A boat for you AND your friends!

  1. Insomnacious

    Insomnacious Void-Bound Voyager

    Insomnacious submitted a new mod:

    Bigger Boat Mod 1.0 - A boat for you AND your friends!

    Read more about this mod...
  2. Jidairo

    Jidairo Big Damn Hero

    do we just drag the contents of the .rar into the mods folder? I did that and the spawnitem command is just giving me a genericitem. Are we supposed to place them all into one folder?
  3. MCD0223

    MCD0223 Yeah, You!

    the command to summon the controller is giving me a generic item
    plz help
  4. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    vehicle file fixes:
    line 4 --  "boundBox" : [-5, -5, 5, 5],
    >becomes>    "boundBox" : [-10, -5, 10, 10],
    line 104 --       "collision" : [ [-50, -2.8], [50, -2.8], [50, -0.4], [-50, -0.4] ],
    >becomes>      "collision" : [ [-10, -2.8], [10, -2.8], [10, -0.4], [-10, -0.4] ],
    these 2 fixes will allow your deck to go all the way from side to side
    boundBox might be too big, i went with collisionpoly values
    not sure if you want the deck to be that thick, i use around 0.5 for thickness on my decks

    one more change you could do so ship is automatically able to work on cheerful giraffe:
    line 3 --   "script" : "chuan.lua",
    >becomes>  "script" : "/vehicles/boat/boat.lua",
    should work for both glad and cheerful, since i didn't see anything custom in the lua when i looked thru it
    going to try it on my copy of cheerful and edit this post accordingly
    edit: this 3rd modification does work on cheerful

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2016
  5. Insomnacious

    Insomnacious Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you LoPhatKao for taking interest, as well as the time to explain the fixes needed. I've been away for a while, but I'd love to jump back into modding as soon as 1.0 hits!
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  6. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    Will this be updated for Cheerful now that 1.0 is released?
  7. Crusism

    Crusism Big Damn Hero

    Does this still work? T_T
    I would love to rock this boat with my friends~
  8. Insomnacious

    Insomnacious Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been very busy with life situations, but I haven't forgotten. I will take a crack at fixing it in the coming week!
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  9. HeroUltraOmega

    HeroUltraOmega Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This mod looks pretty neat, but from the looks of things it hasn't been updated recently?
  10. Heister

    Heister Aquatic Astronaut

    ye.. :C

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