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  1. Xylia

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    *chuckles* Ahh, I see. But yeah, I would have to say that "Bloodlines" was emulated rather well on the SNES. Sadly, that earlier theme you linked... the boss theme... wasn't as good as a transition. Ah well.

    Still, though, it's Castlevania. Has Castlevania ever had bad music? I suppose I just have a soft spot for CSOTN because that's THE Castlevania game that I really enjoyed. I never played Dracula X, and I have Super CV4 (though there are a few cheap spots in the game I don't like, lol), and a long long time ago I got through Simon's Quest... but #1 and #3 for NES were just..... uh, no. I didn't feel like dumping hundreds of hours into trying to learn precise movements and such.

    Had enough of that trying to beat Battletoads, which I eventually did haha. That and TMNT2: The Arcade Game. my two biggest gaming accomplishments. Beat both without cheat devices or cheat codes (though I did use level warps in Battletoads).
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    Speaking of the music in the Castlevania series, there is THIS one song I dont think has ever been remixed in later games, which is a bloody shame! just listen!

    Oh yeah I had Simon's quest and Super Castlevania IV back in the day... I could never beat Simon's, but IV was soooo enjoyable! and the imfamy of the first games is famously resonated even today! I KINDA wanted to play battletoads, but I never got to, and never finished a TMNT game... its like a curse!
  3. Charlatan

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    those two, FE9 and FE10 are my favourites too, played them wayyyyyyy too often :p

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  4. Corraidhín

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    Oh one of the BEST characters! If memory serves...! (and my memory is rather terrible at that)

    Oh how could I forget so many things about FE... to betray myself in such a way! unthinkable!
  5. Pangaea

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    How I haven't posted music from KU yet is beyond me.

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  6. The BoneyBrown

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  7. I_am_the_Storm

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    It's time for retro!

    Ahhh... I'm not crying... there's a tear gas all around me...
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  8. BigEaredKittens

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    =D Favorite game 4ever

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  9. Daryl Smith

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    I absolutely love the FTL soundtrack:

  10. Corraidhín

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    Ah I was travelling in Auridon, and this bard's song stopped me in my tracks, I listened...

    and this is what I heard!

  11. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

  12. LyricLyricandmoreLyric

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    also best

    and more ff cause they're good
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  13. Xylia

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    Feast your eyes and ears on this masterpiece:

    The music is nothing short of awesome, and the environment, and the fight itself is masterfully done. Though, perhaps, if you have an extreme phobia to heights you might not like it, but ah well. Can't have everything lol.
  14. Charlatan

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  15. Pangaea

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    I see a lot of FF. Have to post the best theme of all.

  16. Pangaea

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    Have at thee!

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  17. Pangaea

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    How about this?

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