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Discussion in 'Games' started by Camodude10, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Charlatan

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    Mysterious :0

  2. Camodude10

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  3. Charlatan

    Charlatan Parsec Taste Tester

    Again a remix of a video game music, sorry.
    But great for everyone who likes classic music, piano and violin, especially towards the end.

    And here's some Madness:
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  4. Surenu

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    Present and accounted for Sir!
  5. Arnust

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    The chills...

    Also, Dark Souls 3's ending theme has changed with the last patch:
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  6. Charlatan

    Charlatan Parsec Taste Tester

    And I thought It couldn't be improved :catcry:
  7. Arnust

    Arnust Big Damn Hero

    Making it with actual instruments and voice, really. Listened both at the same time and the real difference was the piano, iirc. Try by yourself
  8. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

  9. MS_NorthEastern

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    an amazing song for an amazing game
  10. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    VGM thread?

    Forgive me if these have already been posted, but three of my favorites:

  11. BigEaredKittens

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  12. Corraidhín

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    ooooooooooh the memories!! I dont think I ve ever been so happy in a strategy game as I was during those 2 FE games <3 and that one is the best track in the game! (for me) but whose theme was it??? harpsichords... franctic drumming and utterly insane speed! oh good lords I just love that track!

    Also this is one of the best Castlevania boss themes around!
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  13. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    That track, I dunno, it's... got a lot ... noise in it, I mean, little background crackles, blips and beeps, like they tried to stick too many soundfonts in it and the SNES hardware had difficulty trying to play it right. Isn't the SNES Dracula X a port of the same game from a different platform? Maybe they were trying to emulate better-sounding hardware on a SNES and it didn't go too well?

    Compare that to this:

    Note how it's real "clean" and there's no "artifacts" in the background?

    And if you want Castlevania Boss Themes..... CSOTN has got you covered!

    And I cannot, simply cannot link CSOTN music without adding this (even though it ain't a boss fight):

    That last one? Gotta give it a couple minutes to really build up into the good part.
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  14. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Yup! its from the (PC Engine)TurboGrafx-16! and it was called Castlevania Rondo of Blood using the Super Cd-Rom System
  15. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    That would be why the music sounds emulated then, because it actually is, lol.
  16. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    I was probably 4 years old when I played the PC engine version, so I can't say much about how differently it sounded i'm afraid. But yeah! it was quite shocking news hmm? I bet some Castlevania fans out there have NO idea!
  17. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    I don't know about the CD-based consoles, but I do know that most CD-rom PC games used music off the CD (and had .midi files in case the CD was not available, or the PC could not play CD music). This was because you could easily pipe a CDDA track straight to the soundcard which took pretty much zero CPU/RAM resources to do and gave much better quality music. I don't see why a CD-based console couldn't do the same.

    And I think... Sega CD was one of those consoles that had CD-music capability. I am not 100% sure, but I do remember my cousin gushing about how awesome Lunar's music was. Considering the Sega's sound chips were not all that great from what I've heard of various VGM videos (at least not compared to the SNES IMO), it must have been the CD music that gave it the edge. Dunno anything about the TB16 though. I never had one.
  18. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Ah HA! I knew I would eventually find Pc Engine's version of the soundtrack. It sounds pretty familiar tooX3

    SNES version
  19. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    It "sounds familiar" because "Blood Relations" that I linked above is a kinda remix, lol. Play it again right after listening to the two you just linked.
  20. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Oh no no you silly dragon no! I mean the Rondo of blood versionX3 like when you listen to a song you haven't heard in ages! that kind of feel! I know they ARE the same! (well, as similar as remixes go of course)

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