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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by razorjayd, Mar 2, 2016.


Who wants better storage?

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  1. razorjayd

    razorjayd Void-Bound Voyager

    I love pretty much everything about this game, except the storage. The fridge needs a ton more space in my opinion. I have most of my food in a bunch of chests (at least 10) in my house. It takes up a lot of room, it's not aesthetically pleasing, and I have to go digging through them all just to cook one thing. Storage is a particularly prominent issue especially because of the star ratings on items. It would be nice if there was an quality averaging option so you could at least save space.

    It would also be nice to have a wardrobe for all your clothing (mostly hats) and a weapon..thing..for your weapons, bombs, ammo, etc.

    TL;DR Bigger fridge pls
    • Khaosius

      Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

      Added to the community list. :D
      • Yusuke Urameshi

        Yusuke Urameshi Space Kumquat long as it was locked to just food items. (Is it already? I never tried to store anything else in there.) There's just SO MANY fruits and vegetables, not to mention the different levels of quality for each one. It can quickly get out of hand. This would definitely be nice and cut down on the clutter. I have been specifically saving every fruit and vegetable for when I get a recipe that may call for a particular ingredient that I can only get once a season.
        • Kitanode

          Kitanode Void-Bound Voyager

          Yeah we need bigger fridges or maybe the cooker could check all storage units indoors for food instead of just the fridge?
          • ekffie

            ekffie Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I have thought about that one, too. But no I would definetly not want it to check all storages, because I have my golden veggies somewhere else to never accidently cook with them.

            Maybe it would be a possibility to make certain type chests searchable - either with a toogle or just to different kind of chests. I would like that for crafting as well btw. Sorting through just to see IF I have enough items to craft something is sometimes tedious.

            Or just craft more fridges. for cooking and something else (good idea anyone?) for crafting ingredrients that could be used directly from crafting menu. If you want that to be stanionary and not everywhere in the world ( crafting something in the mines which is in a chest home seems not right) there could be a workbench to do that. If you 're not standing in front of it you have to have everything in your backpack
            • Khaosius

              Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

              Hmm. Craftable fridges like chests is a good idea, and having a 'include this inventory' button is such a good idea I'm shocked I haven't seen it yet. I added both to the community list! As for location, why not just restrict it to the farm itself?
              • ekffie

                ekffie Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Restricition to the farm - That is a brilliant idea :D
                • Kitanode

                  Kitanode Void-Bound Voyager

                  aye, a toggle switch sounds perfect.
                  • The Boy Next Door

                    The Boy Next Door Seal Broken

                    Here my Frigde :)
                    It's my first creation :) K├╝hlschrank.png

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