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Important BETA RELEASE DISCUSSION - DECEMBER 4TH (*ALL* beta discussion goes here. Other threads deleted)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    @Andrew1163: Bandages and bread are easy enough to make. In my opinion beds are fine the way they are. Anyway, please don't spam this thread. I figure it's difficult enough for the devs to read everything without space dubsteps.

    @WildySids: You've been terribly unlucky. :(
    Kind of like me. Although I found buildings and complexes everywhere, I never found any tech, except a recipe for veggie soup. :laugh:

    - ontopic:
    Probably mentioned before, but I'd like to see a greater difference in the characters. I don't know if there are any at the moment.
    Higher jump height for avians, bonus armour for glitches, health regeneration for florans when walking in the sun, that sort of things. :)
  2. Sophiera

    Sophiera Subatomic Cosmonaut

    After reading the suggestions here I'm reminded of one more detail:

    Make farming give move seeds per harvest. The whole point of farming is boon and prosperity! Not so prosperous when you harvest a wheat and it gives you 1 wheat seed back.

    It should give at least 2, a bonus 3. It's okay if we're overloaded with seeds and need to trash them in the end. The ability to grow a farm can be vital for advanced gameplay (buffs ect)

    The graphics are really nice, as people have said. Kudos to Tiy for that vision
  3. DeltaPangaea

    DeltaPangaea Void-Bound Voyager

    I think the problem with armor and the penetration thereof wasn't that it was a bad system, it's just that the system was completely impossible to decipher beyond 'higher numbers = better'

    If my sword has 18 damage, why is it oneshotting things for over 100 damage?
    What do these numbers mean? How do they change my stats? Stuff like that.

    I think armor penetration is a thing that should stay, it just needs to be less important. Like, you can generally get by with a good weapon, but there's some dudes who just need a good number more whacks unless you're using a weapon designed to get past armor. If you ditch armor penetration entirely, it'll be one less way that weapons can vary from another, boiling purely down into damage and attack speed (and range/swing arc). Basically, keeping armor penetration around but in a less important form means that it's less likely to only ever need one weapon at a time, and you're more likely to find something you'll hang on to. 'Well, my sword does more damage, but this thing has really good penetration...' sort of deal. So you keep both, whipping out the can opener for when you run into some animals with good armor, preferably being indicated by like, armor plates or a shell or somesuch.

    (Plus, everything having varying levels of armor means you won't be doing the same damage to absolutely bloody everything)

    Ditching the 'everyone has 100 hp' dealio is a grand thing though. So long as we don't devalue the worth of a hitpoint to Final Fantasy levels. Cuz that just annoys the hell outta me.
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  4. FilipinoBoiii

    FilipinoBoiii Orbital Explorer

    So there's a really obvious way to duplicate items (I don't want to say how, in fear of spoiling the game for some people) that the devs really need to fix. I wish I didn't find out how to do this ):
  5. WMSkyfall

    WMSkyfall Master Chief

    New player as of Thursday, first round of suggestions . . . (note that I have not yet left the Alpha sector).

    • I've yet to encounter a planet with more than one surface biome. I've seen other threads that indicate that is by design. My problem with this design choice is that it makes exploring each planet much less interesting, and reduces planet selection to "which of these planets is level-appropriate and has a useful biome"?
      • I've seen some people suggest that planets in the "habitable zone" of a star should have multiple Earth-like biomes. I like this idea.
      • OR you could assemble worlds from a primary biome and a secondary, complementing biome. This could be as simple as "forest with desert" or "desert with oceans", or it could provide a dynamic source of conflict, lke "forest with expanding alien corruption" or "arid with active volcano range and lava critters" or "the desert people and the jungle people are at war!"

    • I planted a number of wheat and grape seeds on my home planet, and left orbit on a multi-planet silver-mining tour. I come back half a dozen planets (and multiple in-game hours) later to find that my wheat and grapes haven't grown a bit. Does time stop on planets when you're not there to observe it? Some kind of "fast-forward this world since the last time you saw it" backround mechanic as you're jumping to a world would be greatly appreciated.

    • There needs to be a way to close the Inventory menu WITHOUT dropping the item you have selected. The only way I have found to place items from my inventory is either A) select the item, drag the inventory window out of the way, place the item; and :cool: select the item, drag it to a hotbar slot, close the inventory window, place the item. The "ESC" key, the "I" key, and the close box on the inventory screen all cancel the object selection.
    Signal boosting these requests:
    • Ability to replant trees
    • Ability to sell items or melt them down for ???
    • "Favorites" list of planets, and/or "Recent Planets" list
    • Expanded surface-level caves, to reduce the need for hellevators to find interesting caverns.
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  6. CZRFeign

    CZRFeign Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hi, my thoughts on the beta as follows (apologies for things already mentioned, but things that get repeated are more likely to be addressed I expect?)

    Before these, I'd just like to point out I've had a blast with the game so far. It's living up to my expectations and I cannot wait for the full finished version, so massive thanks dev team.

    1 - I'd prefer mining 2x4 rather than 3 x 3 for ease of horizontal mining. I'd rather take the hit to mined blocks, and it makes digging straight down a bit more risky.
    2 - Greater difference in pickaxe tier speeds. Mining takes far too long, particularly cobblestone - this is a surface material so I'd expect to burn through it with higher level equipment. Ores I'd still expect to take longer than blank materials, but a prolonged mining speed just artificially extends playtime - basically it doesn't make for more fun to sit holding a mouse button for ages (other people's idea of fun may vary I admit)
    3 - Variety in creature attacks. At the moment, it just seems to be 2 basic attack patterns for the non-sentient mobs (flying mobs only have 1 pattern, though different 'missiles'). This limits the wonder of a new creature - does it charge and jump, or charge and fire stuff at me? Speed, direction, hesitation, I'd like to be surprised by a new creature instead of seeing the very first creature I met in a different skin.
    4 - Replant trees - if I'm making a homebase on a planet, I'm going to need a steady supply of wood (yes I know, I can travel to another planet, but I like farming in survival games and tree farming is a standard feature I've come to expect)
    5 - Amount of ores - deeper levels should have more risk than higher levels, but more rewards. At the moment the presence of silver+ is just too limited.
    6 - Linked to number 5, higher tier planets need more incentive to go to them. If they are going to be amazingly difficult there needs to be a major pay off. At present I'm not feeling a particular desire to explore higher tier planets. I can get most things from alpha, and the switch to beta+ just doesn't feel rewarding enough - that feeling of reward for the danger needs to be more satisfying.
    7 - Difficulty - I know this has been said before, but starting areas are just too difficult for the pay-off. This is the thing that makes me switch off the game to play something else more enjoyable. The fact that higher tier equipment is so time-consuming to make really puts a limit on the desire to explore when you get two/three-shotted all the time. I should be able to make equipment prior to a tier-shift that makes the next tier survivable.
    8 - Tooltips - the ingame hint system needs to be greater. I shouldn't need to trawl through websites to know the basics - e.g. right clicking to effect the background, wood/coal as ship fuel (this isn't normal for space travel so you can't really expect people to figure it out without a push)
    9 - Pixels - doesn't seem necessary for crafting. Purchasing, yes, crafting no.
    10 - Linked to 9, the death cost is nuts, especially considering the difficulty. I don't like exploring due to the high probability of death and the associated cost. At least let me store pixels, like in Terraria, that way if I die carrying my entire collection of cash, that's my own stupid fault. At present I don't have a choice but to be stupid and carry all the money that I am forced to use to make my own equipment, using my own farmed resources, and my own made equipment!

    To finish off, the above list is critical I know, but like I said, I am massively enjoying the game, the above just shorten the enjoyment and a sandbox game like this should make me regret running out of time to play. Please don't take the above as bashing, it is simply my thoughts on how the game can be improved for me and people who share my idea of fun - if its addressed in difficulty levels that'd suit me. I have no problem clicking 'easy' if that's what it is pegged as, unfortunately my free time isn't as large as I wish it was. :)
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  7. Causicus

    Causicus Space Spelunker

    I'm sure you guys must have heard this before but the mech power up needs a serious buff. I killed the first two bosses and excitedly found the blueprint on some random planet in the gamma sector only to find that the mech only does 1 damage to the creatures on said planet. Also it isn't even a one hit against level 1 creatures that inhabit my spawn planet... For something long awaited the pay off is disappointing to say the least.

    Just a balancing issue in my view, don't mean to sound like i'm complaining about what's obviously a beta.

    Also a suggestion, Earlier today I was working with a group of around 10 people to raid a penal colony for loot and fun but while we were on the surface some guy was up in my ship stealing all of my stuff, decorations etc... Perhaps a system that allows for players to interact with things in another person's ship but not move or destroy them could be put into effect, considering that when the game is released people are going to become very proud (and a tad paranoid) of the homes and ships that they have created.

    One last thing, a little combat tip. Considering the most basic and albeit most common of all monster moves is to body slam (jump) at you. There should be an ability to attack upwards and downwards, A spear only attacks left and right in front of the user but if there is a body slamming enemy on the loose do we really have to jump up to match their height? Plus if a monster is charging you the most viable of solutions is to jump over it and flank it but why not give the ability to attack downwards at it? Monsters can be very fast or very sluggish, and when you walk into an undocumented planet you'd want to be able to have all of your (basic) bases covered when it comes to defense.

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity to test and leave feedback on the game, you guys are doing wonders by listening to the fans, something you don't see too often.
  8. Sam_3d

    Sam_3d Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Guys. Guys. Please guys. Please. Admin tools. Kick and ban. All im asking. Please. Releasing game server like that, without those SIMPLEST AND THE MOST VITAL FOR ANY SERVER functions...
    I donno guys. Im admin and i have around 15 online random people right now and that is ok for me only because i am calm and i know we all gonna die so there is no reason to be mad.
    But seriously. Guys.
    chat spammers
    respawn was terramorfed into undergound maze of death in 30 minutes with traps and lava
    chat was spammed by autohotkey kid for 2 hours

    and some suggestions if youre interested
    currently the online is kinds cumbersome, just like the craft ui
    you add someone to party and if he relogs, you have readd him
    you can tp to their ships but can't tp back same way
    no friend list
    no ability to see where your party members are, i mean which system, planet etc

    planet bookmarks with descriptions and folders and subfolders in different colors with pictures and happynes
  9. Asyrel

    Asyrel Space Spelunker

    i dunno if this exists already but would be nice if a feature like this would exist.... a chest for example that you can lock that you only can access. or maybe in your ship your the only one who can pick up stuff.... because i have a friend thats alot younger than me he's 14 im 19... he's ok to play with but hes so fking lazy its not even funny he doesnt want to work for anything... he stole my metalworks station and robotics work bench that i worked so hard for that really pissed me off so hard... now im refraining from storing anything on my ship because i know that lazy shit will steal it rather than find his own good weaps or armor or ore/bars. im having to store all my stuff on my single player homeplanet so the shit cant steal my stuff...
  10. Lemonade Ninja

    Lemonade Ninja Orbital Explorer

    Here's a list of things I think can be improved :)

    1. Dropping through platforms, why is this such a chore? I've lost count of the amount of times I've fell to my death because of this. I understand that you may want to keep crouching and falling through platforms separate, but for those of us who don't, allow us to change it via some sort of option please :)
    2. As above, pixels need a way to be stored.
    3. Different sized planets should have different gravity in my opinion, the formula F=(GxM/r^2) where G is the gravitational constant, M is the mass of the planet, and r is the radius. I believe this would give much more diversity to the game, and make it that little closer to perfection. The main reason for me suggesting this is that when I'm on a moon, I want to feel like I'm on a moon, bouncing around etc. Furthermore it's a useful way for us to gauge just how big the planet is, or how resource dense it is. For example, if you made it so ores were significantly heavier, than other blocks and we were told the radius via the map (Or perhaps via a craftable surveying tool) We'd be able to identify ore rich planets via maths :)
    4. I would like to oppose the change from planets ranging from 1-100 to 1-10. I feel as if it makes the game less diverse personally, due to the fact that now a level 21 planet will be no different to a level 23 planet. :(
    5. Platinum needs fixing, it's kind of silly making us skim the surface of low level planets for chests with platinum in...
    6. I've heard that ship upgrades have been done but aren't in the beta, I'd like to suggest being able to have some sort of scanner that allows you to scan planets for life.
    7. Create random quests via a distress signal system.
    8. Improve the loot at the end of the dungeons, our reaction at the moment to a dungeon we've already seen once, is, "We may as well avoid it, there's no reward for us". Rewards in dungeons need to be rewarding, and cleaving through a temple of Avians for no reward feels silly.
    9.I personally feel combat should be less hardcore, too many one hit situations in the game, on both sides. Although I understand this is the purpose of the next patch.
    10. Option to join a civilisation, or create one, and have civilians flock to your city. This is something to look at for the future. With Terraria, the NPC's made you feel as if you were part of a small society, whereas there isn't anything as such to my (Admittedly limited) knowledge on this game.

    If you got this far thanks for reading :)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  11. podcey

    podcey Orbital Explorer

    A small suggestion here. Can you please make items not dissaper in such absurd short time? I was rearranging my ship (everything form chests on the floor) and befor i noticed everything was gone. Now i am sad :(
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  12. AlSkylark

    AlSkylark Master Chief

    Little bugs I found as I played:

    After level 30 planets, or so, I found that Shields are just glitched, when I use a shield from those planets, it doesn't matter if I'm fully geared with Impervium Armor, they one hit me if I have the shield raised. Whereas if I'm not using it they barely do any damage (or do the appropiate damage according to the armor). This was really frustrating as I was enjoying a LOT using a shield. So please fix that ;w;
    I hope everything shield related will be upgraded in the future, having future shields, like protective bubbles and stuff like that would be awesome! And having some stats for the shields will also be appreciated.

    Another thing, although it's not exactly a bug or a glitch, more than going to where you shouldn't, when you dig down, and build yourself a path towards the "end of the world" under the magma, and you jump in, you will basically be frozen in the air in the jumping motion. You are able to open your inventory, to use items and all, you are just frozen there forced to restart. Again, not exactly a bug, but I think you should be able to just die at that point, like in minecraft when you do go that far.

    Probably reported +10000 times, but I'll do it again, Platinum is near to non existent until you reach planet +lvl36, this is obviously wrong as it's needed for the Gamma sector gear!

    Do Diamonds exist as spawnable ores? If so I haven't stumbled upon any, not even in level 40 planets!

    The 3D printer will sometimes not scan well items, and destroy them anyways. This might not be a bug, but a penalty (you may need to scan several of the same items in order to get them) but it did work with other items.

    And I think that's all I can think up, asides from the unbalance at the high end content (which I think is intentional for now) that's all the bugs. The main one being the shield bug, it's really weird and annoying!
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  13. vXvDemonWolfvXv

    vXvDemonWolfvXv Space Hobo

    so far the game play is decent the only thing i would really say to fix it is how long it takes to launch and the damage system needs to be tweaked its a lil un balanced
  14. Melfiora

    Melfiora Space Hobo

  15. russianbeast

    russianbeast Intergalactic Tourist

    Come from a Chinese player:

    These days I was completely fall into Starbound! My Steam record is 45 hours sinces I begin to play~

    And I'm looking forward the new update3~ Weapons DPS system is AWSOME!!!

    Oh, And there are some Advice and problems reply from thousands chinese starbound Fans, please have a look~:

    1、Quest guide should contain more details so that newbiees can survive more easily.(many people don't know how to get plant fiber,etc.)
    2、It would be better if the coordinate of planet can be save and note.(Billions of planet! I couldn't remenber which one i've been have a shop?)
    3、the UI window's position sometimes can be remenber but sometimes not.(Oftenly have to adjust the position of item windows when need build a brige with stoneblock.)
    5、Scan function should be more powerful that we can know if there's a village or dungeon on current planet.
    6、Monsters should attack more wise and quickly,even deceitfully.
    7、Add the race difference such as Hylotls can breath under water.
    8、if there is a shop, could i sell item to it...? cause i REALLY need money!
    9、planting trees please...more trees means more fuel~
    10、Why can't I delete my character?

    so...Above are some high frequency question...would you please have some consider of them?

    Best wishes to all of you! YOU ARE THE BEST!
  16. autlos

    autlos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have some ideas of things should be improved:

    • A little more gold, or cheaper gold items. I farm about 500silver & 800iron ores per 20 gold ores. I don't think it will be easy to trade ores in the multiplayer mode, because silver and iron is not needed after alpha sector (just some iron to make steel).
    • Put spawn points in the planets so you can chose from the ship were to spawn. Maybe limited to 3-4 per planet, or making the spawner not so easy to craft. I think this would be better than the actual system and spawning wherever you want.
    • More stuff that needs leather. Maybe a higher tier snow armor or something. Or a tier made with leather and steel (something intermediate and not upgradeable, like hatching set).
    Things I would like to see in the game:
    Travelling system:
    • Going from one planet to another should be more expensive if the planet is really far.
    • The interface should display the distance to that planet and the cost.
    • Improve the ship to increase fuel capacity. This way you have to improve it before going to a distant planet (for example first time you go from alpha sector to beta sector). For example starting with 500 capacity, and improving it up to 1000-1500-2000.
    • Another fuel type more efficient than coal. Something like petrol, it would appear instead of coal as you cave deeper and deeper.
    • It would be fun if we could improve our melee weapons and guns in a workbench, with pieces of other weapons or crafted (something like in Star Wars KOTOR). This way we can keep playing our favourite weapons, or create more powerful ones.
    • I am some kind of Anakin Skywalker. This means I would like to visit every planet in the Universe. But right now the names are very similar "alpha asdfasdfqewrasdf II", who could remember that name? So I need a piece of paper to write the coordinates of that planet. BUT, what if we could rename every planet the first time we visit them? That's what conquerors did, and I wanna conquer the Universe.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  17. Kilran

    Kilran Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    A few suggestions I'd love to see implemented if possible.

    1. Health regeneration. Right now there's no natural health regen. Random fall damage, monster damage (espescially low levels that are easily ignored during exploration), various environmental hazards, if it's not taking a giant big chunk out of your health it's easy to forget that you've been whittled down to one health. Some basic regeneration, even if it's no more than what you get from sleeping, would remove a lot of the unecessary interruptions when you're not actively engaged in combat. Have it tie in with the hunger system. Right now, hunger is completely arbitrary. Your hunger goes down and you press the hamburger button to not die. There's no benefit to keeping yourself topped up on food at all, all you need to do is eat something before you die of starvation. The rate at which your health regenerates could be tied to how hungry your character is, giving people a reason to keep their hunger bar filled.

    2. Furniture. I'm assuming this is in the works but I'll mention it anyway. I was building a storage shed and decided to put in one of the empty metal shelves I found in an Apex lab. I then discovered that I couldn't place anything on it at all. It'd be nice to be able to place items on it, even better if it applied to most items including weapons and armor or anything you might want to put on display. I was also unable to link up consoles and levers to things, it looks like right now the only thing that can be wired are doors. Basically, if it has moving parts or a button you can probably assume we want to wire it up to something. Again, I'm guessing this is something that's being worked on but I'm just putting it out there.

    3. Oceans. There are small lakes and puddles sprinkled across the landscape, and slightly bigger underground lakes, but no planet I've found so far has anything that would qualify as an actual ocean, which seems unusual. Espescially since a lot of planets, when viewed from the ship, look like they're made up of massively huge oceans. A proper ocean biome would be nice. Which reminds me..

    4. Biomes. There are tons of interesting biomes to be found, but most planets have one "base" biome, with a couple of sub-biomes here and there. This isn't Terraria, but I will use it as an example. In Terraria, you could run from one end of the world to the other and find forests, plainslands, corruption, deserts, mountains, jungle, hallow and so on. In Starbound, you're more likely to land on a planet that's half forest, with a bit of plainslands and a couple of mountains. The universe is diverse, but the planets are far less so. Planets feel more like continents than actual planets. If you could run across a planet and go from a scorching desert to a rainforest to a frozen wasteland, etc. they would seem more like separate worlds rather than parts of one single world where you're just occasionally driving to another country. They don't ALL need to be huge, living worlds of incredible diversity, but most planets, the big ones in particular, would benefit from having more biomes than they currently do.

    5. Hotkeys. I liked how there was a dedicated UI function to delete items. What I didn't like was having to drag items into it one by one. I you could hold e.g. Alt and click items to instantly send them to the trash, it would remove a lot of the tedium of deleting the thousands upon thousands of dirt blocks that fill up your inventory over time. Basically any one UI function that requires two or more clicks should generally also be doable with a single click and a hotkey. It seems a minor thing, but some of us are used to doing everything instantly using both the mouse and keyboard, and not having that ability feels like being stuck in the stone age. A Pause button for single player would also be nice, as right now the only way to safely go afk in single player is to bury yourself in dirt, beam back to the ship (which is not always possble or remotely convenient) or exit the game (which also sends you back to the ship, something that I do like on its own).

    6. Information. This is another thing I assume is coming in a later patch, but there is far too little information in the game. My main gripe is the character screen. I was disappointed that I couldn't hover over my stats to see what they meant, or how the numbers affected my character. I know the combat system is being completely rebuilt, so I know you're aware of this, but right now the information we get from the numbers on our weapons, armor and character screen are completely useless. How much health do I have? Does 3 bars mean 40 or 31? What does 30 armor mean? If it's not explained to us, it might as well be in greek.

    There was one more thing I wanted to mention, but after everything else it completely slipped my mind. Anyways, despite these complaints I'm greatly enjoying the game so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes in the future :)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  18. Tekker

    Tekker Space Hobo

    I would really like it if there were static planets marked to be visited that are the same for everyone and are important. Like extremely high level planet where Big Ape lives or some other big city hub worlds, instead of only finding tiny scattered villages of all one race living in like four houses. Space stations should also be "planets" you can travel to, orbiting moons and such, and act as one giant populated area or dungeon.

    Guns should be more powerful in general, they all sorta suck really hard and there's no reason to ever use them because you'd have to hit any enemy with them dozens of times even with a higher level gun than the enemy, where most enemy guns will just kill you in one hit. Raising their energy cost and firepower, then adding armor specifically with high energy and low armor would balance this.

    Food items need to be more informative about their effects before you eat them and blueprints need to actually list the item's stats. You also shouldn't fill your hunger bar by dying. There's no reason to have food if everything kills you in one hit all the time anyway.

    Platforms are bullshit and everyone knows they're bullshit.

    The enemy variety is stunted because they always fill the same roles on every world, 2 hostile, 1 peaceful, of each type (birds, land, night (of every other kind) and different underground levels) so I can literally use math to tell if the next creature is passive. This should be randomized, and it'd be nice if the species were set to attack other species randomly per species, so that certain monsters would always eat other certain monsters, set randomly. Also it'd be nice if they didn't always spawn in groups of two everywhere.

    The bone hammer needs to not destroy blocks on your ship. I broke all my shit a dozen times by dying mid swing and having my guy swing it while I was respawning.

    Throwing weapons need to be more common. We had eight people playing for 40 hours and found a total of like 30 between all types.

    Items need to show if they can be added to the 3D printer instead of making me try every one of the hundreds of items. It's also really stupid that it costs money to scan them, since it destroys the item. If I want to have two tents and I have one, it'll cost me 3375, because I have to replace the first one.

    Things you build (like furnaces) should be the race specific versions, so that you could craft your race's furniture for your friends.

    NPCs you create shouldn't be killable by other players, to prevent griefing.

    There's almost no progression in the third sector, but a huge mining chore in the fourth, to where there's no reason to make any armor between durasteel and whatever the last one was called, infinium or something, because after 40 bars you just get new armor and everything will just one shot you anyway. It's even worse when then next tier armor still uses the same ore.

    You need to be able to set multiple planets as "homes" or mark them as re visitable somehow, or else having people drop by your creations means having them all on one planet clustered next to each other.

    There needs to be more content in general terms. Having randomly generated enemies loses it's touch when they have a total of 4 different AIs. Visiting dozens of planets shouldn't be routine in any way.

    Finally, there's no reason to not be able to use all your techs together. I have literally never run out of energy because one power doesn't drain it fast enough, and since you can fly with the dash there's no reason to go through the trouble of opening a menu to change them. They all have different controls, why can't I double jump and use the dash? I might actually have to worry about the energy bar if I could use multiple powers. They also need to list how to use them in their descriptions.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  19. TricoloredCrow

    TricoloredCrow Void-Bound Voyager

    Some convenient changes please:
    Ok there needs to be some hotkeys between the mods, switching to the inventory menu each time is kinda inconvenient, unless you want it to be like that, in which case some kinda mod switching animation lasting 3 secs without movement.
    Make the teleport require a few secs of standing still, at the moment when i am far underground, i just log out and log back in to get to the surface, perhaps make it a penalty system where, the deeper you are, the longer it takes to tp out.
    (but i am suspecting this is already in progress)
    possibility to buy bigger ships, some people would like to travel with their NPCs and workbenches.
    4.( FIXED :D)
    Clearer weapon damage indicator. I have an Armor penetration 25 sword with 30 dmg, it one shots any lvl 20 enemy, i have another hammer with 49 dmg but 24 penetration, it 3 shots lvl 20 monsters.
    Also shields need a dmg block indicator or something.
    5.(FIXED :D)
    make bosses capable of destroying blocks that trap them. Cheap tricks to trap them then attack them with weapons outside the construct.
    Survey tool on ship. A high level scanner that tells you what kind of ores there might be on the planet. Make it require visit to beta sector.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  20. ShankedU

    ShankedU Void-Bound Voyager

    I've never had those bugss before, sounds pretty hard. I believe this is a glitch with the beta being out for only 4 days, but whenever I try to go fullscreen Starbound shits a brick and crashes. Sounds like you might have been getting really hardcore lag imo.
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