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Important BETA RELEASE DISCUSSION - DECEMBER 4TH (*ALL* beta discussion goes here. Other threads deleted)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda Tentacle Wrangler

    Hi, i read there will be an update today and a wipe. When exactly will this happen? I checked steam for updates, but i can still play with my old character. Thanks in advance :)
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  2. Ouma Shu

    Ouma Shu Lucky Number 13

    so i just spend my whole day on getting the robot to work. So i activated it and got instantly killed. Please someone recommend the gear i need for that.
  3. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda Tentacle Wrangler

    How about you add a holodeck in which people can choose from their favorite biome and have a f.e. 200x200 space in which they can create a house and put crates and stuff. This way you always have a base and you can postpone the option of editing your spaceship to later.
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  4. howewriter2000

    howewriter2000 Void-Bound Voyager

    As someone who loves creating/building in games a lot of the time - I swear I spend more time doing that in Terraria than fighting bosses or mining - I absolutely love that I can go around and pick stuff out of others' places to decorate my own (or take possession of others' places). My latest was last night my husband and I stumbled upon a robotic bunker, and we half cleaned the place out, so now my Apex has a fairly modern place on his own world. (complete with fridge and SPACE HEATER - wow I love those).

    got down to a desert planet today, noting some weird sand dynamics? but I do like different building materials and all. Would appreciate option to make a greenhouse or something like, since we're going to end up with a ton of glass anyway. Also, the amount of food (or lack thereof) you get from gardening is bothersome. If you're going to have us dying from hunger all the time, give us the ability to feed ourselves. My fridge is empty!
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  5. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda Tentacle Wrangler

    Go to a village and just buy hundreds of grapes or whatever you prefer for almost no money.
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  6. Irora

    Irora Void-Bound Voyager

    My friend found this dupe glitch earlier today which allows all items in storage containers to be doubled.

  7. tazer627

    tazer627 Orbital Explorer

  8. HBLobster

    HBLobster Intergalactic Tourist

    I haven't been doing much on the forum scene in years, so excuse me if this isn't proper conduct for a new user. I just wanted to write out my feedback for the devs and everyone else to take into consideration and possibly discuss further.

    First off is what I can only assume is a bug.
    After searching the galaxy for a very long time I finally acquired a tech to use, the gravity bubble. I have found It to be an extremely useful tech, to the point that it may need to be tweaked for balance, but this is not the bug. The bug is that when using the Gravity Bubble to slow down my descent, sometimes it will cause a huge amount of fall damage even though the actual distance I fell was rather miniscule by comparison to the amount of damage I took.

    As for my feedback. I think it would be ideal to either make it a default for the ship or allow people to upgrade their ship to scan planets in the local solar system to see if any of them have signs of current or past civilization. It becomes dreadfully dull to just walk around the entirety of a planet in search for a village and find absolutely nothing of any interest. As well as possibly scan to see what types of resources a planet may hold and in what quantity. I also find it to be extremely jarring to see planets that are right up next to their sun and yet it is a snow biom, or planets that are extremely far away from their sun and to be a desert biom. I know it's still beta but I do hope that this is something that will be fixed later on.

    Another idea would be to smelt or sell off unwanted weapons. I assume selling will be introduced later on, but an alternative to it I would like to see would to smelt them down into other useful materials, or possibly reforge them to be stronger. And with selling in mind, I would also hope that there would be a way to bank your pixels so you won't have to be carrying around your life savings and lose it because of an accident. I once had amassed over 30k of pixels and lost half of it because I fell into a hole that I didn't anticipate while descending a mountain.
  9. Moonmouse

    Moonmouse Master Chief

    First impressions of the 12/4 beta, as a pretty unspoiled new player:

    Points where I got confused / lost:

    On the ship, got confused briefly after the first "quest" -- the second quest text seemed to imply that I should make a crafting table *before* transporting down, and I didn't know what to do. Took me a minute to notice the little buttons on the right including the obvious "beam down" button.

    After making the crafting table, it took me a while to realize that I had to use it with 'E'; I was using 'C' assuming it would use the crafting table if I was near it.

    Other impressions:

    1st game - human

    Love the title with the planet rotating below.

    Some good comic writing along the way so far, by the way, especially in the library. I appreciate it.

    It takes way too long to chop trees and mine stone. I get that the starting matter manipulator is supposed to be lousy so you want to upgrade, but even so it seems too slow. If you've gone a couple seconds without getting interrupted by combat, you should be able to do what you're trying to do.

    Not sure about the 2x2 and 3x3 mining patterns. Interesting idea, but so far I think I prefer more like Terraria where you mine one block at a time (feels more satisfying somehow) more quickly.
    - Driving me nuts that the stone pickaxe mines a tunnel that's not tall enough for me.

    Can hit enemies through walls for cheesy wins. (And collect their pixels through walls.)

    Don't understand what's going on with the wheat -- I've grown a lot of full plants (I thought) but only got 2 wheat items.

    Using the bed for healing: Good idea to have a tradeoff for healing, but right now the tradeoff is mainly the player's time. I'd suggest healing faster and draining hunger faster while in bed, maybe.

    The intro quests work great up through getting iron. The next one is the distress beacon? Looks like a big jump all of a sudden.

    I'm confused by how in the crafting interface, some items have a cost? value? in pixels that doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    Can you replant trees? Wish I could practice sustainable forestry, even if the trees are horrible eyeball-leafed abominations.... :)
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  10. Kodiak

    Kodiak Aquatic Astronaut

    I have more feedback and i would just like to suggest that maybe input a hotkey for Healing such as pushing this hotkey uses the item for healing that is either equiped on your hotbar or the first one in line in your inventory.

    Also a hot key for switching to your mining equipment would be nice, but these are just suggestions.
  11. Lucif3rJr

    Lucif3rJr Void-Bound Voyager

    A suggestion, with the star map I travelled to a random planet but to get back to my old planet all I have is the dotted line which goes on for seemingly forever, perhaps have a history section of the star map so you can easily find your way back to recently visited planets.
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  12. kevdawg

    kevdawg Orbital Explorer

    I agree, I lost my homeworld by accidentally clicking set homeworld and have been unable to get back. A recently visited list would be perfect or an index of all places visited of some kind. Maybe even just a bookmarking system would be nice.

    Edit: I kind of envision something like a pokedex for planets that have been visited, listing info like biome, possible mini biomes, possible or discovered villages, dungeons, creatures encountered, merchants encountered, etc.
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  13. Alloy101

    Alloy101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Can they make it so that when holding S key down you will walk down stairs? Please?:pwease:
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  14. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    - You, or any other player, shouldn't be able to kill your own guard. I spend way too much on a guard, accidentally clicked attack while I passed her and insta-killed her. What a waste.
    - I did not try out villagers, but it'd be nice if they would be kept safe from finger spasm accidents as well.
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  15. BloodyRain2k

    BloodyRain2k Pangalactic Porcupine

    The prices are not insane, if you get to a lv 5 planet and kill lots of things there you get that amount easily. I went to a lv 11 with steel equip and got a few thousand just in going once around the planets surface.

    And yeah the robot sucks, I had the leather armor with the imo overpowered defence (13 def for leather while steel gives 15 and gold also 13, platinum armor gives 13 too btw, only titanium gives 25) and it still 1 hitted me after I activated it the first time.
    Then I tried again, encased it in cobble and slashed it for a few minutes through the wall with the steel blade. Stupid way to do the boss but I don't know if you can even do it otherwise given he hits so damn hard, but lets see how that is after the armor overhaul.

    Also suggestion time again: you should be able to aim melee attacks with the cursor too. Because it's annoying to not be able to slash up or down with a 2h sword or whatever, it'd be especially useful for spears as these seem like a joke to me without aiming.

    And the bookmarking for the nav menu would be really awesome, and when possible being able to warp down anywhere where you already where or atleast at spots where you placed a beacon of some kind to be able to return there.

    There's also a bug with the cloning animation and hats, the portion of the hair that's blocked is then missing in the cloning animation. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59546146/CloningHatMasks.png
    From left to right: Bandit's Hat, Bandit's Hood, Tricorne Hat.

    Holding no key should let you pass stairs, holding S should walk them down and W should walk them up, that'd be nice.

    Edit: oh and the iron lever's missing it's wire connectivity, others maybe too, didn't check these yet.
    Also the wiring tool has an extremely short range, I thought at first it was broken but it seems to have even less range than the Brain Extractor Gun.
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  16. WildySids

    WildySids Lucky Number 13

    A general suggestion I have is that I'd love it if they gave you a general idea of whats on a planet when you select it. Like say, "this planet has a high amount of forestation", or "foreign structures detected" which would imply a dungeon or a unique type of building. I for one have yet to run into a single dungeon yet. It'd be great if they gave each building you visit some kind of little reward for locating it.
  17. kevdawg

    kevdawg Orbital Explorer

    Yeah thats a good point, something other than the main biome could be listed to give other information. The probability of finding dungeons, treasure or anomalies, villages (and their race), solo encounters, solo npc's, etc. could be a great addition.
  18. Ghen

    Ghen Aquatic Astronaut

    i don't know if it already suggested by people here, but can you add save point for departure site?
    i meant, yesterday i found a nice house that i claim from the mob (with the robes one), i wanna live there, so as minecraft player i though just lay in bed and sleep will save my departure point, when i back to the ship and drop down again on the planet, i arrive at the same previous spot, it just pain in the arse :(
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  19. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pangalactic Porcupine

    @BloodyRain2k: The pixels gained from farming are too important for crafting in my opinion. Simple furniture like a tent shouldn't be so costly. (Afterall, one could just as well make a cheap wooden bed and carry that thing around to rest anywhere.)

    @WildySids: That'd take away the surprise of actually finding something on a planet in my opinion. (Although most planets I visited had something down there anyway.)

    @Ghen: Yeah, it has been suggested, but the more people suggesting it, the better chance we got. (I hope. :p )
  20. WildySids

    WildySids Lucky Number 13

    If it's a divided matter, I think the best solution would be to make it a ship upgrade that can be obtained fairly early if you either want to keep the "surprise of the unknown", or if you just want to treasure hunt. I'm sure there are plenty of people like me who haven't even seen a dungeon yet despite jumping from planet to planet after circling them individually twice. :rofl:
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