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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Gunblast, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Gunblast

    Gunblast Yeah, You!

    Hey all,

    How do you handle mod compatibility when installing a shizzton of mods?

    Is conflict detection as easy as comparing the loose files of different mods and making sure they don't edit the same file? If they do edit the same file, how would one go about resolving that conflict?

    Basically, I'm looking for the best and most efficient way to run multiple mods without having to worry about conflicts.
  2. Mioure

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    With the current version of modding, there shouldn't be any issues with compatibility unless the modder made dirty edits.
    Essentially, there are files called "Patch Files" that edit vanilla coding or images as the game is loaded, and they do not replace the base file itself. Allowing for multiple edits, and also allowing for the mod to be removed without any harm.

    Dirty edits are what happens when the modder edits vanilla files without a patch file and it causes problems as it replaces the default, and doesn't allow for any other edits using patches.

    The only way to fix dirty edits is to do the following:
    You would have to unpack all of the mods you want to use in your compilation, and then address the issues accordingly.
    The easiest way to make them all work together honestly, is to copy and paste all of the assets in one folder and create a new patch file for any vanilla files edited.

    This would make it so every item in all mods are in their respective directories and any conflicting files would be combined into a single patch file.

    Other than that, Im not sure how else you'd force them to be compatible, other than contacting the mod creator and asking for a custom set without the conflicting file, which probably will not work in your favor.

    In both cases, either you or the modder has to have enough coding experience to create patch files to fix the issue, or just not play with the mod that's creating the issue in the first place.
  3. Chofranc

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    With patch can be conflicts too, if there are two or more mods that patches the same value the last will take place which can cause that one of those mods doesn't work as intended, i think that the best way to check compatibility is to see if there are dirty edits as the user above me already explained and check the mod page too to see if the modder say something about possible compatibility problems.

    Fraking universe for example is a big mod and in the main page i think that it says that can conflict with certain mods.
  4. Gunblast

    Gunblast Yeah, You!

    Can I combine patch files relatively easily?
  5. Inf_Wolf14

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    You can go a step further with patches to use the 'test' operation to check for paths and values before your patch takes effect.
    If the test operation fails, the patch aborts. Or you can make patches that function when the value of operation returns false.
    (It is a highly under-used function that is very useful.)
    To "combine" them per say, you can add the lines from both patches to one yourself.
    Most patches are seriously only a few lines. At most a dozen or two.

    The 'test' function I suggested helps so the patch can detect changes in the file and decide whether or not to apply to a file.

    (I'll link the thread about the test function in patches when I find it...)
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