Best Crop For each season? (Year 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elmo21, Jan 27, 2020.

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    What's the best crop for each season on year 2?
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      For the record, that is a great post, thanks Shneekey for writing it.

      That being said, some nitpicking and extra comments:
      - IMO potatoes should be multiplied by 1.25 and not 1.2, to take into account that you can have a third, fourth, fifth... etc bonus potato if you keep hitting 20% chances. This makes potatoes the best crop money-wise Y1 (plus, realistically you aren't going to get two cauli crops in.) However, note that kale is significantly better for XP.
      - It looks like Shneekey took into account Deluxe Speed-gro for the plants with long growth times, but not all the plants. If you take that into account, potatoes and kale both get six harvests and not four, which means they both beat out cauliflower year 2. If you multiply by 1.25 potatoes are just barely better than kale. However, the extra potatoes will all be normal quality, so if you don't have enough jars yet, kale may win on that account. (Note that kegs and jars ignore the quality of the item). This is important because if you don't have leftover strawberry seeds from Y1 (IMO you shouldn't) and you haven't unlocked the desert yet, then cauli, potatoes, and kale are competing for best Spring Y2 crop.
      - I did some quick mental math and if you have DSG and the desert, I think three harvests of rhubarb beats out three harvests of potatoes + three of strawberries. If you don't have the desert unlocked and you don't have leftover strawberry seeds, the latter is probably your best option IMO, unless you still need farming XP in which case replace the potatoes with kale.
      - Coffee has good profits in summer Y1 if it starts out the season fully mature, but that means you have to grow it in spring, during which time it has crappy profits and takes up space and energy that could be spent on other things. I'd skip the coffee plants. Maybe plant a few if you prefer making your own coffee to buying it from Gus. Go with blueberries for the easy Summer Y1 cash, and plant some melons to be processed later. The exact blueberry/melon mix will depend on when you expect to get jars/kegs. Blueberries are better money sold raw, but they take way more jars to process than melons, so melons are better if you expect to be processing.
      - Hops and Starfruit are very clearly the best contenders Y2. Hops take a fair number of kegs (remember that each plant will give 20 harvests with DSG, each one of which takes 2 days to turn into Pale Ale). If you don't have as many kegs as you like and also don't have the Desert open, plant some melons, I guess.
      - Same commentary on cranberries vs pumpkins as on blueberries vs melons above - cranberries are technically better but take way more processing, so if you can only process a limited amount, pumpkins probably win.
      - According to the wiki, grapes get 7 harvests on DSG, not 6. This doesn't really help their standing, though.

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