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Outdated Beldehor Race Mod 0.1.5

Adds a race of aggressive, semi-amorphous cyclopeans to Starbound.

  1. UncleHeffy

    UncleHeffy Aquatic Astronaut

    I love this mod so much. Best race mod ever! But one thing. When I walk, a white line forms under my characters face, like a bubble. I have the mawile-like hairstyle. It kinda bothers me, but I love the way she looks. Are you aware of this?
  2. Wall of Knowledge

    Wall of Knowledge Cosmic Narwhal

    Would it happen to resemble this blue line on the chin, by any chance?

    I've done a bit of testing with various characters, and I've determined:
    -it's transparent, so the line is whatever color you're standing up against
    -it's particularly prominent with personalities 2-4
    -it shows up while jumping no matter which personality you pick
    -it disappears while walking or running
    -it affects all hairstyles and races

    I'm almost certain it's a bug with the latest version of Starbound rather than with the mod (unless you're referring to something entirely different, in which case a screenshot would help).
  3. UncleHeffy

    UncleHeffy Aquatic Astronaut

    It looks like it's happening on my right arm, now. It changes from my neck, to my arm. Seems to change if I tab out then back in.
  4. Wall of Knowledge

    Wall of Knowledge Cosmic Narwhal

    While related, I know the arm variation has been around for quite a bit longer than the head version:
    -occurs while running
    -while the arm is in rotation
    -more pronounced the further back the arm is angled (the closer the cursor is to directly below you)
    As I said earlier, unfortunately, I'm not sure that these are something that's ultimately within my power to fix, since they're not race-exclusive graphical issues.
  5. UncleHeffy

    UncleHeffy Aquatic Astronaut

    Ah. Well that's fine if you can't fix it. It doesn't bother me that much. Thanks for responding, though. And making my favorite race!
  6. Protoeyesore

    Protoeyesore Master Chief

    I love the look of this Race... being that my icon is an eye and all... Anyways, I seem to notice an anime-ish Robotech-like feel to this race. Sort of like old school anime si-fi. Is this just my own feel or is this sort of the idea?
  7. Wall of Knowledge

    Wall of Knowledge Cosmic Narwhal

    Boy, I've been out of the saddle for a while.

    This mod isn't dead; I've just been busy with other things (including learning how to model in 3d), distracted with vidya, and after I had to upgrade my operating system, Starbound stopped working for a while, which kept me from working on it.

    That's fixed now, though, so I'm trying to slowly work my way back into the groove of working on this, and that brings us to what I have actually accomplished in these past couple months: carriontrooper and I have been working together (on and off) on a race mod/medley inspired by /vg/'s Starbound general (home of shitposting and smut- don't bother going and looking for it, it died again waiting for the next update). Currently, the mod has six custom races, which we plan on releasing both as a unit and individually, including the Beldehor.

    Fundamentally, they're all functional (one of the main remaining obstacles is actually integrating the Beldehor with the rest of them- screw slogging through dozens of .patch files :zombie:), so once I can go through, refamiliarize myself with everything, make sure things are properly integrated and colors/genders/etc are all cleaned up, and make some general quality-of-life fixes, we'll see about getting an alpha version up and running for everybody.

    Here's a preview of one of the races I've been working on (old, but it shouldn't be too out of date):
    Fresh Fish.PNG
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  8. pcawesomeness1

    pcawesomeness1 Space Penguin Leader

    add the crops and ill download and reccomend to my freinds[DOUBLEPOST=1440711216][/DOUBLEPOST]
    add clothes please
  9. obsdian glow

    obsdian glow Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been trying to get this mod to work for the past hour or so. It doesn't want to work on it's own or with other character mods. I've also tried different character slot mods to see if it was conflicting some how. Please help if you can.

    Edit: I got it working by downloading the super /sbg/ race mod. Now I have more characters than I was hoping for :D
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2015
  10. Kutznir

    Kutznir Aquatic Astronaut

    I can not download it,
    the link has expired

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