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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Nemasys, Mar 1, 2016.

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    It's been a whole year since I first unleashed the Orcana into the Starbound universe, and as of today the total download count has broken the 4000 mark! Thank you for the interest you have all shown towards this little side project of mine. I just wish I was able to reward you with more frequent updates. There's still tons of stuff I want to add.

    There is, however, something that's been knocking around in my head for a little while now that I hope might interest at least some of you. As some of you are likely aware, one major addition I'd like to include is Orcana cities and villages (and possibly micro-dungeons). In order to make these locations a reality I need to come up with some really good building designs. So, my idea is this. I would like to propose a contest of sorts in the hopes of generating some awesome ideas as well as giving you guys an opportunity to be a part of Orcana development.

    For all you builders out there, make an Orcana structure - anything from a humble little house to a grand library. The best designs will be included in the mod as part of Orcana civilization. Those who's designs are selected will also be recognized in-game through a custom Orcana codex entry. As a special reward, those who blow me away with their amazing building skills and understanding of Orcana (Ancient Roman / Atlantean) architecture by submitting two structures that I decide to use will not only get the codex entry, but they will also get a portrait of an Orcana character of their design* placed in one of their buildings as a custom decorative item with custom descriptive and inspect text. (*Character designed by winner - portrait created by me)

    Keep in mind that Orcana cities and villages will be under water, but the inside of the structures are dry. So keep that in mind when designing methods of entry. The villages will be home to the more humble artisans and everyday citizens while the cities will be a bit nicer and fancier with scholars and philosophers and the like. I plan on making new materials for these structures. Villages will make use of compressed coral blocks for the main building material and cities will incorporate marble and bioluminescent strips (similar to the ones on the ship). I plan on including the slight bioluminescent glow to a number of decorations, furniture pieces as well. This way even the villages will reflect that aspect of design. For now though feel free to use whatever is lying around to make your builds keeping in mind that while the design itself might get used their final materials will likely change.

    Feel free to submit your builds on this thread, or directly to me via PM if you prefer. Do a little research and give it some thought, but most of all have fun. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.
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