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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by EvilBunny, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. EvilBunny

    EvilBunny Poptop Tamer

    I usually find myself travelling really far away from the position where I get beamed to. Unfortunately sometimes some things are located so far I have to wait the whole night out before being able to proceed. It would be a lot easier to travel if we had some sort of "Beam down checkpoints" that we can place on a surface we've already discovered. That way we can warp to the ship, sleep or do something else and warp back down to continue the loot hunt.

    Please post whether you agree or not, it's your opinion and I'm not going to argue. You can also supply your decision with some arguments.

    Thanks for the attention.
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  2. Heebejeebes

    Heebejeebes Big Damn Hero

    Maybe you could craft a Beacon Pad that alters where you beam down too. You can pick it up and move it, and has to be placed on the surface to work. If you have more than one pad on a planet it picks one at random (Since there are no mechanincs in the game for having multiple beam points)
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  3. whoknows893

    whoknows893 Space Hobo

    Well if they add a Beacon/Checkpoint Pad, they could also add mechanics for choosing which pad you beam to. If you don't have on placed, it'd work the same way it does now, but if you have beacons placed it could show a small screen where you can choose which one to beam down to.
  4. endolex

    endolex Intergalactic Tourist

    I fully support this idea. I'm not fixed on any details, but *some* way to "fast travel" to previously explored would be great. I'd even pay, say, 1.000 pixels for one of those beam beacons.
  5. Xenogelion

    Xenogelion Void-Bound Voyager

    I really like this idea though it does concern me, I wouldn't want it so that if I put down a beacon while underground it it would work. Additionally I'd like it if the beacons had durability so you can't simply go to the mouth of the cave you're currently working in and just plop down the beacon from the last several explores and... you get the idea. I'd like beacons to cost quite a bit and they're not indefinite use. If these conditions are met (or some good counter arguments are offered) then I fully support this idea.
  6. Heebejeebes

    Heebejeebes Big Damn Hero

    However I remembered the devs said there will be speeders\Hoverbikes\something at some point for the purpose of fast travel so perhaps those fill this function?
  7. Xenogelion

    Xenogelion Void-Bound Voyager

    well if they do this and elevators I don't think I'll have an issue. I mean they have asteroids so I'd absolutely love to have a base really high up. My intention would be you teleport straight up there.
  8. fanglespangle

    fanglespangle Void-Bound Voyager

    I think the idea of teleporting under ground and not being able to and so on would be easily countered with variety of beacons. so, you can make a simple locator beacon that you just pop on the ground and you can teleport to it, but it doesn't like interference. so you can't put this under ground or even in a house.

    The other would be a teleport pad of some description. much more expensive to make but these can be put under ground and used to teleport to and from. I'd love to be able to have underground bases that I can actually teleport to and from
  9. Ohso

    Ohso Poptop Tamer

    Activate beams you to the last place you beamed up from.
    Shift+activate beams you back to the original beam down point.
    (I cannot remember the button I push to beam down due to this game causing undocumented sleep deprivation)

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