[BBTS] Bronies Beyond the Stars V2.0

Discussion in 'Hangout Threads' started by Clan BBTS, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. OmniGeoff

    OmniGeoff Weight of the Sky

    This place is full of excitement!
    I needed to say hello. Otherwise you wouldn't be greeted.
    How terrible would that be?
  2. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    We're a barrel of laughs. And reaction gifs, and stupidity. Not checking in would be bad.
  3. Free Leaf

    Free Leaf Orbital Explorer

    Kingdom Hearts 2 was when they were still kind of trying to find how they wanted the gameplay to be. Its gotten pretty refined since then.

    Another favorite composition.
  4. DiscontentWithTheSystem

    DiscontentWithTheSystem Big Damn Hero

    And then I dance.
  5. Zailiner

    Zailiner Over 9000!!!

    Well, that's in the case of a server being up, which is highly likely.
  6. FleetingFlowAir

    FleetingFlowAir Existential Complex

    Kangaroos are dangerous. And badass.
  7. Shinxy-Chan

    Shinxy-Chan Giant Laser Beams

    What kind of dance?
  8. FleetingFlowAir

    FleetingFlowAir Existential Complex

    For some reason when I see drawn animation GIFs like these, they look like they were made from Flipnote Studio. Which you could use to export your animations as GIFS. Probably because it is...
    I miss Flipnote Hatena. The 3DS version of it is pretty much vaporware now outside of Japan. ;~;
    Also, I watched Frozen. 'Twas good.
    Very terrible.
  9. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    I can see the improvement. They honestly held back on the difficulty in BBS quite a bit, as well. Like, the PSP's controls are most likely the reason why. Once they got it balanced and usable for the player (with Coded and Days as they process of elimination), they made things interesting in 3D. Do you want to see the Command Deck system in KH3, or the ability-based system in KH2?
  10. Captain Glacius

    Captain Glacius Sandwich Man

    Well even as you say, there will likely be several servers hosted personally, so how will you keep up with everyone? Or will you just be taking people's word.
  11. Spike

    Spike Supernova

    Aw man, I'm sorry I forgot who you guys are. Thanks for remembering me this long!

    But yeah, starbound isn't going to be stable at first, and I bet my characters will get wiped a lot, but I think I can remake spike for as many times as it takes.

    Anime Girl Lonly Pillow Pervert GIF.gif
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  12. Shinxy-Chan

    Shinxy-Chan Giant Laser Beams

  13. Dragonsbane11

    Dragonsbane11 Void-Bound Voyager

    I thought it was ok, not as good as opener
  14. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    It does have a distinctive look, but I've never heard of Flipnote. I can only think of two or three other gifs like that one.

    You will send wave after wave of your own Spikes at the beta until its pre-set bug limit is reached.
  15. FleetingFlowAir

    FleetingFlowAir Existential Complex

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is currently $20 until after Sunday.
    I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game and seem interested after watching some Let's Plays of it.
    What say you, people?:seriously: And @Aeridan

    I think no one here does. :p
  16. Free Leaf

    Free Leaf Orbital Explorer

    I am a little more attached to the Ability based system, it will probably be used for Sora's forms and stuff.
  17. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    The command deck seems like it was made to simplify the gameplay for handheld. I wouldn't mind a combination of the two, myself, at least when it comes to cool offensive stuff like Dark Aura or Ars Arcanum. The MP has never been good, so I'd lump magic in there, but it seems like the MP returns.

    You must. I order you, as a friend. Play the game! Unlike the ten year olds of yore, you get the Final Mix right up front.
  18. Sparksol

    Sparksol Phantasmal Quasar

    I only ever played the first one. A combination of my financial issues and time management has given me a very limited amount of both to work with, so I have to pick and choose carefully.
  19. Bast

    Bast Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i already conceded to the herd, i found myself reading MLP:FIM stories all day and enjoyed it. I think I am already far gone in terms of trying to say i am not a pony or brony in any way/sort/fashion.
  20. Shinxy-Chan

    Shinxy-Chan Giant Laser Beams

    I'm boooreddd.

    Master Bee, give me something to entertain myself, i'm bored.
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