REQUEST Bathroom in house for stardew valley v1.2

Discussion in 'Mods' started by AbdiBP, May 17, 2017.

  1. AbdiBP

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    Stardew valley version 1.2 is finally out, but some mod have to be fixed. Some mods have been fixed but others still are not. One of them is a mod that allows us to have a bathroom inside the house. If you have a mod that allows me to have a bathroom at home, you can give me the link. I am very grateful to all of player stardew valley and the moders who have created awsome mods.

    Sorry for my bad english.
    • Xuomi

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    • AbdiBP

      AbdiBP Master Chief

      It's not working, i use stradew valley v1.2.26 gog
      • hwayunhae

        hwayunhae Space Spelunker

        It works for me and I use the same version and platform. What error(s) are you getting? Also what operating system?

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