Tutorial Basic Object Implementation: A Tutorial

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  1. Hey! I wrote up a quick tutorial showing you how to implement a basic animated object in Starbound. If people are interested in this, I'll try to make more. :) You can find a .PDF of the tutorial here.

    You're done! Woo!
  2. dhxmg

    dhxmg Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Cool, thank you so much for this!
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  3. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    Wow, will this seriously be this easy? :D
  4. Supergeek

    Supergeek Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is very cool, thanks Molly.

    We need a way to copy these around so we can share objects easily! Like put all the files for an object into .zip or .jar files.
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  5. You can always do that!
    I mean, the way the objects are edited now, you'd just need to stick the object's folder and the icon's files in a .rar and upload it with instructions to drop the files in the right places.
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  6. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    I already can imagine the amount of modpacks for this game. I can imagine developers faces when they say;
    "We made an game with almost infinite replay value, then multiplied it with infinity."
  7. Supergeek

    Supergeek Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm just thinking, considering how easy modding will be, it would be a great boon to be able to just put mods into a \mods folder, and then be able to enable/disable them easily by moving the zip files out, instead of having to go into different subdirectories to root out the mods you want to disable. Maybe even a Mods page with checkboxes in the launcher.
  8. Alpha_Squad

    Alpha_Squad Cosmic Narwhal

    I sure will appreciate the API once it is in place. From what I can tell from this it makes me think that modding vehicles in is going to be a nightmare.

    From your tutorial, I have a few questions in response:
    1) Is it possible to use different sizes of frames for different frames of an object?
    2) What unit of time is "animationCycle" in?
    3)Can you elaborate on spaceScan? (such as how increasing and decreasing its value will effect the item in question)
    4)How will I get my item naturally generated into the universe?
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  9. darkparadise

    darkparadise Big Damn Hero

    They will probably implement something like that when they work on the modding API. But i am sure that will be much more robust and able to do much more.
  10. Theoretically, that could happen before the game is even out now (object-wise, anyways). :p
  11. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Really cool stuff, thanks Molly!
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  12. skaree

    skaree Astral Cartographer

    You shouldn't really have to worry about that. Just make the "smaller" frame the same size but with more transparent space.

    If the gif is an indication it looks like '1.0' = 1 second
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  13. Illmad

    Illmad Phantasmal Quasar

    Is this a way we could mod our own items into the game? Is it also possible to set a crafting recipe for it?
  14. brazzk

    brazzk Master Chief

    That looks promising. Easy modding is pretty much one of the main reasons why I've spent countless hours playing and "fixing" Paradox's grand strategies.
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  15. EddyOkapi

    EddyOkapi Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Game's not out, yet, we alreayd got a tutorial for that; that makes me giggle. I'm glad it'll be as simple as simply recopying some coding already there which should make it far easier and accessible.

    I'm curious as to what program is recommended for these changes. I'm sort of total noob about these things here. <A>;
  16. skaree

    skaree Astral Cartographer

    In Molly's second image she suggests Notepad++ for the coding bit. For making png files you if you don't have gimp or photoshop you can simply use Pixlr.
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  17. EddyOkapi

    EddyOkapi Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh wow, I somehow missed that part when reading the whole thing. <A>;; Disregard my idiocy. Thanks!
  18. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox Existential Complex

    Interesting read, thanks for posting this :) Going to be extremely simple to make basic item mods then!
  19. StarshiyLeytenant

    StarshiyLeytenant Cosmic Narwhal

    Very nice! This makes me excited for modding now :3
  20. skaree

    skaree Astral Cartographer

    So now that we have the resources to mod will there be a "Modification" sub forum in either the "Starbound" forum or in the "Starbound > Fan Works" section? I think it might also be rather cool to have a "Modder" badge for people supplying quality mods... the icon could be the gear in your post.
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