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    I'd rather think of basic new features that are along the line of practicality, realism, balancing, and necessities than anything else. No amazing new content, no big new skill or scheme, just simple odds and ends that would be expected in a Farming Simulator and/or Life Simulator.
    First off, a Brush to Brush animals that stay in the Barn, as well as your Horse.
    Also, your Horse has an affection level, and has a water trough, like you pet has a water bowl. Same concept, fill it and you animal will have their affection go up that day.
    Third, you need to Brush brushable animals every day to increase happiness, not doing so two days straight decreases it.
    Fourth, the Horse can increase Speed based on its happiness. When its happiness level is filled half-way, you'll get a boost of 1 1/2 normal speed. At maximum happiness he will be 2 times normal speed.
    Next, lets add the basic concepts of small animals. Your pet, and Coop animals, should be able to be picked up and moved. Also, they cannot be moved if they are trying to sleep or are asleep for Coop animals.
    Now, moving on to the Cave, if you don't know, Mushrooms IRL can receive Fertilizer. That should be applied to the Cave on the farm if you choose Mushrooms.
    In addition, it would be nice if the cave could be expanded under some specific circumstance. This would mean if you chose FruitBats, you could enlarge the cave to included Mushrooms, if you chose Mushrooms, you could enlarge it to include Fruitbats.
    Another issue is that there are a lot of crops that are grown that have no use in the Kitchen for cooking. I want that to be changed. That way, there is at least one recipe for EVERY crop. Even if the recipe has similar or the same health and stamina restored, it at least gives the player a reason to grow and diversify crops for more reasons.
    Last, is that there is something odd with various furniture sets and craftable décor sets. Not all furniture sets were completed, in that they should all include a chair, bench, table, end table, bookcase, rug, pillar, plant. Some are complete. Most are mostly complete. A rare few are barely done.
    In regards to décor, there should be a Fence, Road, Floor, Brazier, Lamp, for each craftable décor set. Some are done. Some are not done. A rare few are barely done.
    Well, these are very basic additions that would be a small update to the game. I honestly think this would be worth the 2-3 Megabytes on my hardrive it would fill...
    A select few of these suggestions have been repeatedly made, others are not mentioned but should be considering, but when it comes to a farming simulator, everything would be important except for completing the furniture sets and craftable décor, which are not important and un-necessary additions that aid the cosmetic feel and appearance of the game and nothing else.
    As such, it would make sense if some of this stuff gets included. If anything, these some (in regards to the animals and mushrooms) things are in EVERY farming simulator that is a computer, console, or handheld game, both the popular and unpopular ones, and practically a necessity for a well built and completed farming simulator.
    I must admit, this sounds like it is a lot. Normally there is a dozen to 3 dozen people working on some of these farming simulators. Natsume had as many as 6 dozen people working on its more recent HarvestMoon games over the past few years.
    But if anybody knows how to copy and paste code and data, and add a few new bits of data, you can do it Concerned Ape. Heck, I'd even work for free to make sprites and think up stuff if that was an option...
    So, how many people think that they'd want basic additions and necessities in a small update instead of some gigantic update of tons of random stuff?
    Also, is there anyone else willing to work for free for Concerned Ape? The community needs to get together and do more than just make mods and talk tons...
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      Regarding the brush: I don't see the point of adding more busywork to the game. There's already plenty. Has anyone ever said of any Harvest-Moon-esque game, "You know, I almost enjoy this, but it just doesn't have enough busy work."

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