WIP Barfy's Fancy Farmhouses (and other addons) UPDATE: Links are back up!

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    NOTE: Currently not being worked on/updated as I have a lot of other stuff on my plate elsewhere. If you want to work on these yourself for any reason, feel free; my terms of use are near the bottom of this post. Thanks for your patience.

    Hey there folks. I wanted to make my farmer's house's deck match the wood flooring pieces, and then I went ahead and remade all the doors and windows and added some other stuff because, why not? Now it's a super fancy, deluxe farmhouse. :) I've also made some wall and floor replacements, and furniture!

    Thanks to the contributions of other modders, this now includes a complete set of houses, barns, coops, silo, well, and stable. It comes in blue and gold.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Download and Install:

    If you recently downloaded these and the Deluxe Coop animal door was missing, redownload because I fixed it. *facepalm*

    The buildings should be fully compatible with 1.1. I have not replaced any of the 1.1 update buildings such as the Windmill, Shed, or Junimo Hut yet, as I'm very busy, but what's here should still work.

    :confirm: Download the set here: Dropbox Link (Includes both sets)
    :confirm: Installation Instructions: Download the .RAR file from the link above. Extract its contents with WinRAR (or a similar program such as 7-Zip). Choose which colour you want, and drag and drop/copy and paste the .XNB files in the colour's folder to the Stardew Valley > Content > Buildings directory in your SDV installation.

    :poke:I recommend making a backup of the Stardew Valley > Content > Buildings folder in case you want to uninstall these. (Simply copy the Buildings folder, paste it as a new folder and rename it to BuildingsBackup or something. Then if you want to uninstall mine you just replace the .XNB files in Buildings with the ones in BuildingsBackup.)

    Walls! Floors! Wow! Whoa!

    A set of wallpaper and floor replacements! All of the walls and floors are shown above. I have replaced walls and floors from the game that I thought didn't look as good as the others; not all wallpapers have been replaced. (D'oh! I just realized that the above preview doesn't include a yellow carpet option. Trust me-- It's actually in there!) These are compatible with 1.1.

    :confirm: Download Wall and Floor Replacements: click here
    :confirm: OR: White trim instead of wood trim. click here
    Installation: Drop walls_and_floors.xnb into your Stardew Valley > Content > Maps folder AND the Stardew Valley > Content folder. I would recommend backing up the original files of the same names by either copying it, or renaming the one you're replacing. That way if you want to get rid of my texture you can just delete mine and rename that one back very easily.

    :poke: Don't like my choices for ones to replace? If you have Photoshop and an intermediate knowledge of how to work it, fret not. Download the .PSD file! Inside has all of the textures, just drag n' drop them into the walls_and_floors.png located in the walls_and_floors .xnb (unpack it and re-pack it with the XNB Mod Toolkit when you're done).

    I will not be taking requests on adjusting the walls/floors replaced, so this is your DIY kit. Feel free to use and recolor these textures however you like, just maybe if you appreciated it include a link to my thread or whatever. :DD

    Furniture time!

    These furniture sets are for Stardew Valley Version 1.1 (latest as of Oct 6th 2016) only! In the 1.1 update ConcernedApe added more furniture to the game, so the tilesheet reflects those changes appropriately.

    There are two furniture sets, both included in the same file (furniture.xnb). I went and replaced some of the furniture files in the game. There are rotation states for the appropriate pieces. Some are just recolors of stuff already in the game, some are done from scratch. :whoop:

    I replaced random furniture that I do not use in my own game, so if I ended up replacing something you actually do use, if it bothers you you can unpack and swap my textures with different furniture to your liking in Photoshop/GIMP, if you know how. Also, you can't currently mix furniture mods, so if you want to combine these with furniture from another mod author you will have to do it yourself. I do not take requests for doing this! I leave that up to you.

    :confirm: Download the furniture file: click here

    Installation: Drop my furniture.xnb into your Stardew Valley > Content > TileSheets folder. I would recommend backing up the original file of the same name by either copying it, or renaming the one you're replacing. That way if you want to get rid of my textures you can just delete mine and rename that one back very easily.


    Barfy's terms of use (please read!)

    I don't mind if you edit these textures, or use my textures as a base for something else you create. You do not need to even ask permission. However, please link back to my thread if you use any of my assets in your creations! And also, if you're not so shy, send me a PM with a link because I'd love to see what you've made. Sharing's caring. :kawaii:


    Thanks to Nivea and SarahKik, for completing the set of building replacements. It's possible I've missed crediting someone here, I have a terrible memory, so please let me know if I forgot you and I'll add you here! Thanks!


    UPDATE #1: Added Deluxe Coop and Stable to the set.

    UPDATE #2: The houses have a matching greenhouse! It has been added to the regular house files, just re-download the houses to get it.

    UPDATE #3:
    Deluxe Barn has been added! Check up by the coop and stable to download it.

    UPDATE #4: Completely re-did the medium-sized house to match the final expansion better, removed the railings from the final expansion, and fixed some minor pixel issues with both. Re-download the houses to receive this update.

    UPDATE #5: Set of wall and floor replacements!

    UPDATE #5.5: Nivea did a full set of barn and coop replacement add-ons later on in the thread, and elsewhere on the forums there is a matching silo and well replacement. I have added them to this main post.

    UPDATE #6: Not-so-shabby chic furniture replacements!

    UPDATE #7: Gold edition! Gold recolors of the buildings are now available.

    UPDATE #8: Minor graphical fixes, the barn and coop doors should be working better now as well as a few other minor changes. I recommend redownloading the set to get the minor fixes. Completely re-did the links and info on this post to include more stuff and keep organized. These should be fully compatible with 1.1. Walls and floors are still compatible with 1.1.

    UPDATE #9: I added a new furniture set! And the furniture in both sets (combined in one furniture.xnb together) is compatible with 1.1! Hooray! Enjoy.

    UPDATE #10: The links were down, but now they're up! Lemme know if you have any issues downloading these files.
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        Update: I updated the topic's original post with a matching stable and deluxe coop I have just finished this evening. Took quite some time, but I'm happy with the results. :nod:
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          Beautiful!....will u going to add same style of greenhouse?
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            I personally have not unlocked the greenhouse yet, but when I do I may get around to making a white-framed greenhouse to match, yes.
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              Great...can u add some flowers outside the greenhouse or hang on the door or frame when u unlock the greenhouse?
              • barfyscorpion

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                The constraints of the greenhouse sprite are probably much too small for adding flowers on the outside, sorry.
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                  These are beautiful! Do you have plans to do this for the deluxe barn too?
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                    need more! and thanks!
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                      So pretty! I would love to see the barn like this too!
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                          Soooooooo Pretty!
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                            will you add barn and silo same style pleaseeeeeee <3
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                              Thanks!! Beautiful ♥
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                                Stuff in the Works:
                                - Deluxe Barn replacement to match.
                                - White-trim greenhouse.
                                - Possible chest replacement
                                - Custom wallpaper and flooring for farmhouse interiors
                                - Custom furniture.

                                I have been working on kitchen replacements and some furniture recently, here are some progress shots.


                                Pictured above: Custom wallpaper, custom flooring based off of the deluxe farmhouse deck texture/colour, custom bed, custom rug, custom lamp.


                                Pictured above: Kitchen overhaul, white cabinets and counters with cute accessories. Also pictured is a recolored white-tiled floor.

                                I have no ETA on when these will be released/finished, I work on them sporadically, but just wanted to show anyone interested what I have planned.
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                                  thank you
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                                    thank you for sharing
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                                      Really cute! :)
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                                        gorgeous! excellent taste as usual tbh
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                                          I will wait for a whole set :)

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