Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SpartanGhost727, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. SpartanGhost727

    SpartanGhost727 Space Spelunker

    Is there any concepts or possibly fully made sprites on the nuetral bandit faction? Im intrested and if theres no chosen design maybe the community could vote for possible designs :)
    • GuardianJohnITA

      GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

      Are you a fan of Days of Ruin? the bandits of that game were just a black version of Blue Moon army, just like the IDS, but possible designs for new factions are not a bad idea but the big problem is to find the perfect counterparts of the units of Wargroove.
      • Bamboozler

        Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

        Afaik, no concepts yet. I'd assume the bigger priority is for staff would be to flesh out their factions, create new commanders and fix bug as they're found.

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