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Bad Moon: Yay or Nay?

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  1. Yen

    Yen Pangalactic Porcupine

    Alright, here's my contest entry! Please have a seat and enjoy yourself as I introduce to you....​

    A monster that is randomly sighted on planets, Bad Moon resembles a crescent version of it's namesake, but with a human like face that appears to be asleep, and strange, circular marks on its body. Floating in the sky, it hardly moves in it's Passive state during the day.​
    However, once night falls, Bad Moon drops to the ground and transforms into it's Active state:​
    In this state, a mysterious gelatinous entity has crawled out of the 'mouth' of Bad Moon, distorting the face and moves itself by dragging it's body along the ground with it's many tentacle like appendages. Where the Passive version of Bad Moon will tend to float in place a few meters above the ground, the Active version is a highly aggressive, roaming hunter. Rapidly chasing after any form of life in it's path, any unprepared adventurer unlucky enough to meet this version of Bad Moon isn't likely to see morning.​
    It attacks with quick strikes using it's tentacles as it nears adventurers in the Active state, although can also attack at a distance (although more slowly) by extending and using the tentacles like whips. Bad Moons are highly dangerous by themselves at night, though it is possible (but rare) to find them in swarms. It is not known where Bad Moons are originally from, but many suspect that the creature is actually the jelly like goop that springs out of the mouth once the sun sets(an aversion to the light?), using the 'Moon' as living shell.​
    Bad Moons are generally found on the surface, at a low to moderate height in the sky. Brave (or silly) folk could probably bug one with a good jump and a rock or long stick (not recommended). In the Active mode, it will give chase and stay 'locked on' unless hit by something, where it will then change target. Considering Bad Moon's daytime residence, it will avoid going underground or into tunnels/caves (although an agitated one will stalk the entrance of said tunnel/cave or track the adventurer from above ground)​
    The Passive state has it's own attack mode when aggravated (which can be done by....hitting it with a rock or a gun or something. The first hit won't do damage to it, but 'wake' it up!) Grumpy, Bad Moon will attack by aiming projectiles at nearby adventurers until they are out of a certain range. After an amount of time, it will fall asleep again until activated at nightfall (well, it is that or it will chase down and attempt to kill the provoker). A rarer type of Bad Moon, or a trait that has a percentage of occurring once you're in sight is Stalking. These tend to occur higher off the ground, so they're harder to hit/get rid of and essentially will follow the adventurer during the day, waiting for nightfall.​
    There are 3 possible projectiles that I've come up with:​
    A)Jelly Blobs, in reference to the creature that is revealed at nightfall and which could possible give poison type damage or other status effects​
    :cool:Shooting Stars, which will fly off in an arc, bounce off the ground and disappear if they don't hit anything​
    C)Moon Rocks, fired straight towards adventurers (although another variation could be lasers from the eyes...)​
    When destroyed, Bad Moon begins to crack and crumble, and the goo loses any form of solidity, sinking into the ground before disappearing completely. Of course killing monsters means the possibility of loot!​
    Above is a mock up of a Bad Moon hat/headgear, where it looks like it's eating the head of the poor adventurer(bald!). Possibly a vanity item, if not, there are rumors that an item based on such a creature has certain...effects under the right conditions. Other loot from Bad Moon can include a mysterious jelly, moon rocks/dust or a moon shaped charm that can be worn as an accessory for bonus stats or simply as a pretty trinket.​
    But what if you want a pet? Bad Moon has the possibility of either a smaller version of itself that will bob behind the adventurer (much like a balloon on your wrist) or as a creepy, tentacle-y slime that skitters/drags itself behind the adventurer. Considering this, the different versions are caught in the Passive and Active stages respectively, although one would be much harder than the other to obtain.​
    Bad Moon could be encountered with different colour schemes (this would also affect the way that the 'pet' versions look), which I've mocked up above.​
    I've also had the idea of Bad Moon spawns that (very rarely) have designs or facial features that refer to things like the Guy Fawkes mask or iconic pop culture imagery as little visual treats if found such as this.​
    This is a reference sheet for the 'transformation' of Bad Moon. The jaw appears dislocated as the goo forces it's way out of the mouth, dropping to the ground in the process. I imagine this monster to be an uncommon, mid-high level creature, possibly on par with or leading up to a mini-boss type. Overall, the Passive mode should be reasonably camouflaged, if not charming whilst the Active mode is creepy and, if you're a newbie, downright terrifying.​
    -Infection, a slight deviation/evolution of/from Bad Moon as a creature-
    Victims of the 'Bad Goo/Tentacled Slime' fall into intense lethargy that turns begins to morph into sleep during the day. There is a vague feeling of restlessness inside the infected during the day if they are aware/sentient enough, and if 'woken up' or bothered during the day, the irritation they feel turns into a mindless, rage filled aggression that only dies down once they are alone and in a place that they can fall asleep again.​
    Victims are 'awake' at night, but will have no recollection of doing so, other than patchy memories of a deep hunger and a physical ache in their jaw/mandibles. Those around the victims mysteriously disappear or found horribly mangled and the bloodstains everywhere...​
    The first few nights as a victim are- it can only be imagined how much worse it becomes once they are completely taken over. An endless nightmare of gore and fear and the hunger for flesh until their bodies are so run down that they disintegrate or (mercifully) slain.​
    The 'Bad goo', if it survives that ending of it's host, simply looks for another....​
    This is Bad Moon. Sleep well tonight.​

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  2. Yen

    Yen Pangalactic Porcupine

    Whew! Please let me know what you think of my entry as C&C is welcome, encouraged and appreciated!

    This was my first time making a sprite from scratch (I've dabbled in recolour/edits of pokemon trainers for a gundam, pokemon styled crossover, but I don't really see that as counting!) I've made the sprite versions of the key phases, Active and Passive as a mock up of how it could look and sketched out the others to illustrate the rest of my ideas.

    Anyways, thank you for reading up to this point, I await your responses! X3
  3. Tamarama

    Tamarama Guest

    Awesomely disturbing.
  4. GermanJesus

    GermanJesus Big Damn Hero

    Those are beautiful sprites. So many awesome suggestions, I don't know who will win!
  5. Vladplaya

    Vladplaya Cosmic Narwhal

    That's pretty awesome concept! Quite different from anything else out there!
  6. Yaxlat

    Yaxlat Existential Complex

    very awesome indeed :up:
  7. Joxalot

    Joxalot Subatomic Cosmonaut

    It's not like I wanted to sleep anyways.

    The sprite are godly, and I love the concept.
    The idea is just nuts, and would get any player by surprise, because no one expect a moon with a wierd jelly-like creature crawling off it's mouth.

    Supporting because holy balls.
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  8. CamoColorNinja

    CamoColorNinja Void-Bound Voyager


    This is simply amazing! You can really see that the creator put a lot of work into it! :D
  9. jon218

    jon218 Phantasmal Quasar

    Like a hermit crab! Inside of a creepy, awesome looking, moon. With a face. Very original, one of my favorites.:up:
  10. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    Scary, but rather neat and, defintely a rather new concept, completely unique from what I have been seeing.
  11. thefluvirus

    thefluvirus Contributor

    That's your first sprite from scratch?! :eek: That is amazing, and the idea of a creature using the moon as a shell is both incredibly creative and horrifyingly creepy.
    You have my support! :up:
  12. xXFallenHawkXx

    xXFallenHawkXx Void-Bound Voyager

    It looks cool and I like the whole concept of it!!
  13. Pigsnot

    Pigsnot Phantasmal Quasar

    Dude this really has potential to win man, LOVE the pixelart too <3
  14. LemonRobot

    LemonRobot Phantasmal Quasar

    I thought of the MM moon right away from the title, haha.

    The idea is actually pretty awesome.. the moon will probably creep me out everytime I see it. Especially how a tentacle slime is controlling it.
  15. Yen

    Yen Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thanks guys! ^^ I'm now reading through the other entries to see what everyone else has done, haha I'm so excited :)

    The idea came randomly to me and I'll admit I got creeped out as i drew the tentacles and such- it'd move forward like a spider >D

    Hermit on the mooooon!!

    Now imagine the inner creature taking over and distorting other lifeforms...mwuahahhaaa.....

    MM moon? Just wondering as to what you're referring to there ^^;;
  16. LemonRobot

    LemonRobot Phantasmal Quasar

    Majora's Mask
  17. Yen

    Yen Pangalactic Porcupine

    Aha! Okay! (I haven't played any of the Zeldas, sadly, but I really like the designs and concept art for the games and franchise as a whole :p)
  18. Doctor Whooves

    Doctor Whooves Starship Captain

    The art you've done is great, but the concept is really what wins this contest. And this concept is no less than amazing! I feel like this deserves much more then my mere approval, but that's sadly all I can give. Definitely one of the better submissions on the forums.
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  19. Oh mademoiselle, I like the concept and I LOVE this pixel-artwork!:love:
    So good luck with the contest! :up:
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  20. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    When I look at it a second time, may I say this, this is really cool, the concept is amazing, (and just a bit disturbing), but I also have seen some concepts that are just as amazing as this. The idea of something being perfectly harmless and turning it into something hideous has been done before, but regardless still is amazing.

    Just remember Yen, you panda slug thing, your idea is amazing, and stands a great chance in this contest, but don't get your hopes up yet, there are other amazing entries and a few more days until the end of the contest. (But if you do win, go ape :p)

    May I make a suggestion? Perhaps some of the Bad Moons could follow you throughout the day (sorta like Lakitu from mario), being invincible, but when night falls it then comes after you?

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