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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MetaFace, May 8, 2017.


Do you find that you are easily annoyed?

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  1. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Parsec Taste Tester

    Manila envelope glue and how bitter ad gross it is. Furthermore, how long the taste lingers.
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  2. Pangaea

    Pangaea Existential Complex

    Okay here's one I doubt many of you will understand but here goes.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm bisexual. There's just so much, uh, misunderstanding surrounding what that means. The most recent example for me personally would be my younger sister's fiancé. I've had to explain to him (among other things) that being bisexual doesn't mean I want both a male and female partner. Just that I would be happy with either. Monogamy is a thing, you know? I don't think he meant anything by it, just didn't really know. Maybe it's just ignorance but people make a bunch of assumptions without actually asking. Kind of annoying.

    And whilst we're at it: Bisexual people aren't "greedy" or "confused." Geez.
  3. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Void-Bound Voyager

    I agree. Bisexuals are people just like others, maybe better in some ways.

    A lot of people 'hates' gays or lesbians, just because they sexual orientation. I know one homosexual guy, and personally I don't have any problem with that.
    But it's true, that heterosexual guys like the sight on two lesbian girls, and heterosexual girls like the sight on two homosexual guys. Of course, it's purely individual.
    I don't mind homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual people or pairs. They are human beings for God sake, not freaks. People who insulting homosexuals or bisexuals, aren't humans at all.
  4. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    You know, I said earlier about religion and how my Aunt was super into Christianity, she always says gays are immoral, however, I'm EXACTLY like how @Surenu would like people to be, I don't says this unless brought up, but I am also bisexual, and my Aunt would try and preach the hell out of me. One of my friend's father makes him go to a therapist just because he's gay, as if it were a mental illness, maybe it is, but we can't change our minds about it, we fancy ourselves a girl? Alright. A boy? Well yeah, I swing more than one way.

    Kinda half-assed it yesterday, didn't really do much for my own thread *sigh*, but I'm feeling better now and a lot more annoyed.

    You know what else annoys me? How Chucklefish says someone replied to a thread, but doesn't say two other people did as well, but maybe other people don't care what others have to say so that's a blessing to them, but I hate it, I love to hear what the community has to say.
  5. Surenu

    Surenu Tiy's Beard

    Spotify ads. Seriously. I can understand why I get them - I am using the free version after all - but can't they at least make them a bit more...contextualized? I mean, I'm listening to some death metal, why do they think I want the newest club hits?
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  6. Firestorm258

    Firestorm258 Master Astronaut

    Ads in general then? Bless uBlock on the PC. I'm getting youtube ad after ad after ad thrown at me through my phone. Not short ones either, I had a 15 minute movie trailer and a whole episode of someone's vlog BS thrown at me.
    For some reason youtube ads in the Steam overlay browser are limited to 5 seconds most of the time.
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  7. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    I feel that way on Pandora, I'm listening to metal and the likes, I don't want that crappy new age pop, it's dumb. However it's Google Music the angers me, they handle ads so bad that it forces the music to stop and IF the ads even plays, afterwards the music won't, it may even crash, ONE OF MY GREATEST LOVES IS METAL and Play Music ruins it. Makes me want to smash my phone into a million pieces.
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  8. Firestorm258

    Firestorm258 Master Astronaut

    I was considering getting some music on Google Play Music but to hell with that then. Sony's own music app is slightly buggy and if SD card is unmounted it freaks out, but at least the music will stop when someone calls, you unplug your 3mm output, or a video is played. It also has ClearAudio+, which isn't yet systemwide on the phone I have (Sony Xperia T3 & Android 4.4.3.)

    Today I was quickly reminded of my public transporpeeve when people WOULDN'T MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY IT MAKES ME AGRESSIVE I WANT TO PUNCH THOSE PEOPLE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Also a pet peeve for me is how earbud wires get stuck behind everything. Today I nearly ripped apart both my earbuds and my ears when the wire got stuck behind *something* (I don't even know what) on my assignment board at school. Maybe it's a cue I shouldn't wear earbuds during practical hours at school. But then again, the teachers don't care in the slightest.
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  9. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    (10/10 best quote) Yeah freaking earbuds, I have this issue where my wires get magically stuck on my pockets (as I wear old fashion cargo jeans), then as I move my leg my whole head gets jerked down, most annoying moments is when it won't STOP happening.


    And now I write about the gross brand that is... Apple.

    I've dealt with the idiots who buy into these things, I've even handled a few Apple products. They offer... nothing, they claim they are innovative and "make" new technology often, however many times that has been proven wrong. They claim they invented the GUI, then sued Microsoft for making their own GUI, however believe it or not, the printer manufacturing company Xerox made the first computer with a GUI, stupid right?

    Then there is iPhones, they... are... so... dumb, my time with IOS has made me NOT want a phone (or really want an Android), and makes just simple tasks like google search annoying, not to mention their barely functioning anything costs like $700 USD, I'm not paying for that. I could go a lot longer on phones, but then I'd bore myself.

    So then there is MacBooks, the laptop... with no upgradability or fans for cooling, so they get really hot when doing anything, and you can't make them better, not to mention the specs of one is awful, like I could get a pc with the same specs for a whole lot less. That recent release macbook with the touchbar (which they claim is new, but my old 2005 HP Pavilion has a similar touch bar at the top as well), that thing costs thousands of dollars, my current pc (a laptop from Asus) cost half as much as their cheapest model and can do you know what? Play ALL THE GAMES! Yeah, Apple won't even allow you to install third party apps, as in order for someone to post an app they have to be a verified developer my Apple themselves, not to mention they think they have the right to sell free games for profit. I can get angry birds (or some other stupid game) for legit free on google, however Apple wants you to pay them. The Hell? I'm done, I can't even, gah... starbucks! Beats by Dr.Dre! Nikes! All CRAP!

    And that's me being anti-name brand, I don't even like brand name cereal, the off brand bags taste better anyways.

    That seems super excessive, you should consider punching YouTube in the throat.
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  10. Surenu

    Surenu Tiy's Beard

    Brands, man.
    I prefer store-brand everything with two exceptions - remoulade and orange soda. I only buy Thomy brand remoulade and Fanta orange soda. With everything else, the brands can bugger off, the store brands are either equal or better.
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  11. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    Hmmm... I could get a small box of cereal for $8 or... I COULD GET THIS MASSIVE BAG FOR THE SAME PRICE AND IT TASTE A LOT BETTER?

    I'm not stupid capitalism, I can see the difference between expensive cereal and quality bulk cereal, same with android and iphone. *facepalms* I'm just sorry for those who think they know what they are doing when they buy this crap.
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  12. Surenu

    Surenu Tiy's Beard

    I have another one: People who tell me I need to "choose" a specific genre of music. Is this the gosh-darned 80's with poppers vs. punks? I can very well like whatever music genre I damn well please, thank you very much, even if they're sometimes contradictory. Jeez.
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  13. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    I listen to most stuff, not including jazz and country, can't stand country. Mostly metal though, if anything else it tends to lean towards the heavier stuff with enough punch behind it that even my IEMs vibrate (which is impressive considering that they are just earbuds).
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  14. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Void-Bound Voyager

    Similiar thing here. I've experienced few cases of metal 'discrimination'.
    In example : I walk on the road and I listen to my favourite metal band from my phone. Everyone looking at me with hate and displeasure, and I can see in their eyes : "What the fu** are you listening to? Turn it off, moron!"
    Some random guy/girl walk on the same road while listening to pop, techno, rap or disco, and everyone is fine with that, nobody give a sh** about that.
    Metal is not evil. Metal is not all about Satan or killing people nor animals. Plus, it's on my own will, if I'm listening to metal and nobody can force me to listen to rap, if I don't want to.
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  15. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    I have one! One of my pet peeves is when someone doesn't care enough to actually use proper grammar. Mostly online. Stuff like "I'm going to their party" - HOLY CRAP THAT ACTUALLY HURT TO WRITE - is SO annoying to me.

    Edit: It was so hard to look at I corrected it. Just think of the 'I'm' without an apostrophe or capital i and the 'their' replaced with 'they're'.
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  16. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Parsec Taste Tester

    THank god my respect for the english language is lacking, that sounds teribly irritating.
  17. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Void-Bound Voyager

    It is quite hard for people, who doesn't have English as their native tongue, but such grammar mistakes are more than bad.
    I get you point, though.
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  18. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    I discriminated against a certain type of metal before, like I won't listen to screamo or the really guttural stuff that you can't understand, I listen to the old stuff like I've said before (although I can't remember if I said it on this thread), like System of a Down, Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, and Static-X. That stuff and the like.

    Hmmm... ?

    I hate that, adults who can't speak right, by the time I was in the fifth grade I was writing so well that my entire English class wanted my to read my assignments before anyone else's. Kind of stupid now, I look back on those and think, ew gross.

    Even Google angers me in this aspect, Google doesn't think axe is a word, in most cases. Or I search something AND I WANTED TO SEARCH FOR THAT EXACT PHRASE, but Google doesn't give you the option to not search for "you meant this right" stupidity. I hate that.
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  19. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    I actually have no idea how that happened. Must've forgotten to delete the e in they're.

    What's really annoying is when people use something that SOUNDS like the word but isn't the word. I'm ok with a few spelling mistakes, but replacing their with they're is not ok.
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  20. MetaFace

    MetaFace Guest

    Agreed, I try to spell check as much as possible.
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