WIP Bachelor and NPC Portraits, by Yours Truly.

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by leg, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. leg

    leg Void-Bound Voyager

    I literally just found this game yesterday but hoo boy, am I hooked.
    Anyway, yes I have made this mod. For you. Peoples.
    I know the title says 'portraits' but currently I only have a few completed so. Sorry to disappoint. I have all the emotions and stuff, though, and I'm pretty sure it works.

    And of course I'd start with this nerd we all know and love, Sebastian.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You have your pick from regular, ponytail (because we all love that hair), and... Sebastian. Michaelis, to be correct. I don't know. I'm just drowning in perpetual weeb. We don't have a sprite for that one yet, btw, so use with caution.

    I also have our glasses waifu, Maru, done, both regular and hospital version. Download at will I guess.
    Did I ever mention that I love her surprised expression?

    I'm currently starting to work on others, and I won't be returning to work on the demon butler sprite for a while, so.
    Have fun, and I hope you consider a download. I worked pretty hard on these (which are in no way legitimate pixels, I was just screwing around).

    -the leggiest of leg

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    • blwonderland

      blwonderland Void-Bound Voyager

      Ponytailed sebastian looked like Kanda from DGayman, me likey :3
      • radynaraya

        radynaraya Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Awesome! Are you a sprite artist? youre sprite is so good~

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