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Bug/Issue Baby name UI input invisible if born Spring 1 of year 3

Discussion in 'Support' started by Klayde, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Klayde

    Klayde Intergalactic Tourist

    Hello! So I've encountered this bug a few days ago (PC). So basically Leah (wife) asked me if I wanted to have a baby around Winter 10ish, said yes and you know how it goes. Fast forward to the night of Winter 28, and as I go to sleep, I get the popup ui saying "Leah had a baby, choose a name" but as soon as that happens, the ghost of Grandpa talks to you about your farm, after he's done talking, the screen goes black and, the game pretty much stays that way.

    Now at first I thought the game froze, so i restarted and tried again, and it did it again. However the game was still running, so i just kinda trying anything i slammed random keys on the keyboard and press enter, alas it brought me to the next day, with the baby name being something like "adfasdfgdghs" which was unfortunate.

    Anyways, this seems to be a small issue but i figure to bring it to light, my guess is that the grandpa event overlaps the baby name ui, so you can still write a name but the ui panel is invisible. I had to go into the xml to give the baby a dumb name.
    • baiexa

      baiexa Space Spelunker

      Having the same issue here (PC as well), I'm trying to type any name just to escape the black screen and continue the game but no success yet :(

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