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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by 1nfinitezer0, May 7, 2020.

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    Hey peeps!! It's been years, but I'm back for a bit. I know Lua, JSON and do sprite work. I worked on StarboundSideStories and did the sprites in Chipmaker. I did a bunch of dungeons but he never released them.

    Going to be working on mods for creative purposes and to rebalance/reskin some mods for a personal server that's focused on permadeath & solarpunk play.

    But I don't want to redo what somebody else is already working on, or has already solved.

    High Priority but potentially tricky projects list::::
    A) Drawing tools - A simple line tool for drawing line segments with blocks, a fill bucket, a bezier
    b) Decorating functionality - foreground furniture, backdrop sprites, more parallax layers

    Road Map:::
    1. Update my mod Precision Beam Axes to 1.2 - upload the newer sprites, rebalance for costs, recipes and progression, remove or update secondary QoL early game tools
    2. Early game recipes for faster starting play. Because waiting is not the same gameplay as scarcity. Bringing back coal from wood (obv), some other plant & environmental stuff, cheaper ropes
    3. Probably some pre-built stamps for the various tiers of BIAB without the full cloning tech for early-game (camping cave, wooden hut, racial huts, crafting sets, etc)
    4. Mess with techs to get other useful first planet stuff (parachutes, sprinting), and look at augments and techs to make highly fluid yet balanced endgame movement/play (for combat/exploration/building)
    5. In game dungeons, story and whatever else develops out of all this mucking around. I'm interested in staying true to the original vibe of the game, but focusing on what it's like to build resilient colonies collectively. Is it possible to convey that all these things we encounter are 'playing through survival mechanics' as communities? Okay, that's too philosophical, this list has entered spit-balling territory. haha.

    How you can help:::
    - Point me in the direction of mods or projects that are already doing what I specifically mentioned under Drawing & Decorating tools. If it's not clear, happy to discuss.
    - Are there any good reboot projects? People bringing back the wacky early weapons? The temperature system? There was lots of fun gameplay in there worth revisiting.
    - Compatibility, especially if you're able to troubleshoot. This is likely going on my github eventually.
    - Help me decide if it should be separate mods, or all lumped into one.
    - Stick around and share your excitement. I'm committed to a basic release updating the PBA mod and early game tweaks, but beyond that who knows how far it'll go

    Related things already discovered::
    I've already done some searching, and will continue to look further as I come up with new keywords that I haven't thought of.
    - FrakU: don't intend to go there quite yet, will probably have a second game folder for testing & compatibility with it soon
    - BIAB: Base in a box. Love it, but doesn't do everything I need (afaik). Need to look into its guts more, so if you've got experience with it and want to help, great!
    - WEdit: World Edit tech. In my testing queue. Need to get it running without access to admin commands being anything beyond server admins.
    - Augment techs. I see there's a few projects, haven't dove into them yet. Open to recommendations if there's a rare thing which you wouldn't expect to be found in a cursory search.
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    From what you mentioned, these mods come to mind.
    Enhanced Temperature
    Builder's Tools

    Now on the concept of starting faster - if you want to have your starting techs available right away (once you get to the Outpost) then there is my mod
    But if you are going to make your own techs, you might look at my tech helper mod (requirement of previous mod) as it can give you any number of options to unlock or enable techs including instant/'free if you want it.
    If you want instant (game start) access to the Outpost, I have that too. I never published it and it is pretty simple. You can just warp there from the ship right off.
  3. 1nfinitezer0

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    Fantastic looking mods there bk3k! I will definitely use some of those thanks. The trick is that I'm not trying to remove the progression, but eliminate the tedium. So I'd like for the friends I bring in new to the game to have the opportunity to do the tutorial quests, but also make them quicker to pass for those who know what's up. I'm thinking some free greenstims in the ship locker. But I will definitely find your mods very useful, more a question of how than if.

    Enhanced Temperature - looks great!
    Betabound - mmmaybe, looks like you would almost have to build around it. Already using Revised Mining Tools
    Builder's Tools - yisss! Have been playing with this already, but still doesn't do the basic drawing functionality that I'm hoping for.

    The line-drawing tool is probably gonna be the first big challenge I tackle. I notice there's already block shooting guns, and various block placement things. Just gotta start looking into how each of those do the work to see what sort of functionality is possible. The fill tool I was thinking of faking it by using a liquid spawner that then converts the liquid into blocks, but I can see that going horribly wrong, and how to calculate the bounding is an open problem.
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