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RELEASED Avali Race Mod, The second thread!

Discussion in 'Races' started by RyuujinZERO, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    Call it an expression of speech representing the Avali analog to human DNA, delivered in what is probably a similar manner. And what happens at the Mating Season Festival STAYS at the Mating Season Festival unless it has 4 limbs, a tail, and feathers. (Apologies for double-post)
  2. Raieth

    Raieth Ketchup Robot

    And even if they weren't in season together (grew-up/live on different worlds) there would be hormone treatments that would bring them into season. Geneology is really only a problem with isolated groups. I imagine they wouldn't have much cause to worry so much about that. In addition, they could also have a sort of "DNA mixer" biology. Mixing multiple fathers into one offspring. On earth that only happens with multiple young (dogs are a good example) but their inheritance mechanism may allow for such a thing. As Mackinz pointed out they probably don't use DNA.
  3. Mackinz

    Mackinz The End of Time

    If we're discussing how Avali reproduce, we shouldn't be settling for subpar terminology Humans use to refer to their reproduction.

    I propose "Love Juices" be used in the place of DNA for discussion of Avali reproduction.
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  4. Intrebute

    Intrebute Pangalactic Porcupine

    This is technically sex we're talking about.
    It will always end up applied in all of the disturbing ways.
    All of them.
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  5. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    I thought "Love Juices" were what you gave the lady-birds to prep them for the process. (Or the guys, as the case might be..) Yeah, I could see a lot of different ways it could be done. Gene-tech might be useful for the process, but where's the fun in that?
  6. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Heliosphere

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  7. J_Mourne

    J_Mourne Pangalactic Porcupine

    I wonder if it might be better to just explain it as a matter of practicality.

    Separate pack structure seems to cause significant issues toward long-term relationships (outside the pack). But if there's no separating forces, either because the packs' roles are of a very settled nature or because it's a relationship within a pack, then I see no particular reason why a pair of mates wouldn't stick together. If a pair of Avali is in the position to get to know each other and each come to the conclusion that the other makes a really good mate, that's when I'd suspect they'd form a more permanent relationship.

    Basically, I assume that while the Avali don't mate for life, they do discriminate when choosing mates. A stronger, fitter, friendlier individual is more attractive than a fat slob. If that's the case and two Avali then decide more or less at the same time that the other makes an excellent mate and there's no external reason for them to have to go their separate ways, I can't see any reason that wouldn't continue for a while.
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  8. OmniGeoff

    OmniGeoff Weight of the Sky

    Thank you for this awesome read, I loved it.
  9. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    This kind've discounts the possibility of emotional attachment though. It's hard to explain why humans bond as closely as they do at a logistical level, also packs themselves are invariably not blood relatives, pairings to form within a pack seem highly likely since there'd be no evolutionary purpose for discounting pack members as potential mates, if anything it'd be advantageous.
  10. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Heliosphere

    Or just milk.
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  11. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    You've managed to post the most lewd bottle of milk on this forum.
  12. Battle Bee

    Battle Bee Heliosphere

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  13. Jeffrey94

    Jeffrey94 Master Chief


    Sorry, had to :rofl:
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  14. J_Mourne

    J_Mourne Pangalactic Porcupine

    I've heard it explained that close bonds between human mates create long-term attachment throughout the child-raising process, which in turn gives the offspring a wider potential skillset to learn from the parents (crucial for creatures without any real natural weapons or defenses other than intelligence and toolwielding.)

    For the Avali, I discounted emotional attachment for my example purposefully. I assume that the Avali form emotional attachments with a new mate (who they don't already know) fairly slowly, a useful trait in a nomadic, polyamorous society. On the other hand, if two mates know each other well or, having just met, have no reason to separate (which was the example I was discussing) then I do think that emotional bonds would get involved and make the relationship more permanent. Even so, many relationships like that probably wouldn't be exclusive even if they were permanent, given the relatively informal nature of Avali mating discussed so far.

    To summarize: I don't see Avali society contributing very much to the formation of relationships because of mating, but I do think that the Avali are social enough that mating can be a way to start forming a relationship though other ways.
    We can't do that. The Avali aren't mammals, so that terminology would just confuse the newcomers.

    I know what you're implying, I just refuse to acknowledge it. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...
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  15. Intrebute

    Intrebute Pangalactic Porcupine

    Also, last bit adding to the madness.
    Rainbow juices.
    C'mon guys really.
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  16. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    I would assume several things. Correct me if I understand any of these wrongly.
    * First, while any Avali could get a temporary mate, particularly prestigious Avali (who have achieved a lot) are likely to find the process easier and possibly get more mates in mating season.
    * A particular mate from inside the pack may be more likely than any particular mate from outside the pack. Of course, during the Festival, anything can and might happen, and very often does.
    * Permanent mating can occur, but will usually only happen between two packmates, as it is difficult for strangers to form the sort of connection usually required. This type of mating, however, is uncommon at best. I don't know if it is permitted for a male in this sort of mating is free to mate with others as well.
    * All children, once birthed, are raised by the pack of the mother until of age to be schooled and placed in their own pack.

    Festival sounds like it is a general time of celebration and about more than just snoo snoo. It's a chance for an individual to interact with others outside their pack more fully and relax for a brief time.
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  17. MrMadmanx2

    MrMadmanx2 Cosmic Narwhal

    this I like
  18. MrMadmanx2

    MrMadmanx2 Cosmic Narwhal

    Bravo, I love a good read.
  19. J_Mourne

    J_Mourne Pangalactic Porcupine

    1] Point one is the case for just about any creature you care to look at. Chances of survival for one's offspring are increased if the parents were successful specimens, so each parent seeks out a successful partner.

    2] Point two seems fairly reasonable, but I don't think it's worth Ryuujin coming down on one side or the other for. I personally would suggest that while intra*-pack relations are more permanent and longer-term, inter**-pack relations are more common but less formal. Also, don't exclude inter-tribe relations as well. They'd be rare, but possible, particularly for temporary flings (imagining a tribe like a village or town; dating someone out of town would be uncommon, but not particularly remarkable).

    3] Point three I agree with heartily, that intra-pack relationships would be the ones most likely to be permanent, since the partners aren't likely to be separated.

    4] Point four, like point two, I don't think is worth setting in stone. Suffice to say that they're raised by the parents for a short period and eventually thrown in with other kits to form a new pack.

    However, I must disagree on the concept of a Festival of Love, or whatever you want to call it. I cannot think of any reason such a festival would come to be. Firstly, biological clocks tick differently for different individuals. Even if there is some degree of synchrony based on the seasons or on pheromones (human females do this, or so I've read), female Avali are unlikely to come to season at the same time across different worlds, making scheduling mass orgies difficult if not impossible. Secondly, such a festival would place an heavy amount of emphasis on reproduction within Avali culture, an emphasis that seems unlikely given their otherwise casual attitudes toward reproduction and relationships in general. For example: given that there is no stigma against homosexual relationships in Avali culture it seems highly doubtful that reproduction is so central to their culture that they have entire holidays over it.

    It seems much more likely that the reverse would happen; major Avali holidays being celebrated with general revelry.

    * intra = within
    **inter = between

    Thank you.
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  20. MrMadmanx2

    MrMadmanx2 Cosmic Narwhal

    your most welcome
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