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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by RyuujinZERO, Aug 11, 2016.

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    There's an "or" in there. Unless I'm reading that wrong, they wouldn't be both huge and have Deadpool healing.
    The Brontosaurus thing is silly. They live on an iceball moon, they can't have mutated dinosaurs smashing through the ice shelves and poking their heads out the stratosphere.
    They have augments! Hi-tech helmets! Plenty of stuff you can't stick a non-disposable targetting computer in!
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    Yeah, can you point to the source on that? I find some of those details here, but it doesn't back up the brontosaurus comparison. I find it very unlikely that Avalon is just populated by really big things. There are certainly other niches, especially for really small species. I mean, it's not like we're dealing with a small region, we have a whole moon there, and life has a tendency to expand into every little niche it can find.

    Additionally, if I was attacking something big I would definitely want something with range. I wouldn't want to tangle with a woolly mammoth up close!

    As for eyesight, their echolocation would probably suffice, especially for large prey. 5 - 15 meters seems to be about the right distance for using a spear thrower, and it's well within the effective range of bat sonar. Avali seem to have a more advanced sense of hearing than even bats do. They might not have the best resolution at that range, but again if they're hunting big things that may not be a problem. Also, avalon's thicker atmosphere would probably improve the effective range of sonar if I understand correctly.
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    I know we already discussed avali mating practice, but I feel like I never really got a definitive answer. Perhaps we could bring up the subject again? I'm out of ideas here.
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    We've come full circle now

    Oh lord

    Btw who got some good OCs that got multi-race partners/allies?
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    I'm pretty sure my OC Jiro falls under that.
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    Do we have a roleplay about Avali?
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  9. YellowDemonHurlr

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    Avalon is indeed a moon orbiting a gas giant, but I don't think that picture is the best depiction. To the best of my knowledge, Avalon has a very dense atmosphere, so you probably couldn't see the surface much if at all. Titan, for example, looks like this:
    If you look at it in infrared, it looks like this:
    As you can see, Titan lacks the large rivers seen on the Avalon fan-picture, and instead has blotchy patterns of ice.

    I believe that Titan is a fairly good model for what Avalon would be like, since it is built in a similar way and I believe was Ryujjiin's inspiration for the planet.
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    From the wiki: "Avalon's atmosphere is denser than Earth's, with a surface pressure about 1.5 times higher. The lower gravity means that its atmosphere is more extended than Earth's, and it is composed primarily of methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen gasses."

    So if its atmosphere is 50% denser than Earth's but more extended, the surface will probably actually still be visible, maybe just not as visible as Earth's. So I think that artist's interpretation looks fine, actually.

    As for topography, however, you'd be correct. Any non-ice features would be limited to the latitudes near the equator.
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    Hello! Just made this account, saw you guys were talking about my render. :>
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  12. HuskyPup

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    I could remake the planet to fit these conditions!
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  13. IFailAtGaming

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    so ,a bit off topic, but this just recently came back around in the stellaris subreddit,, and right at the bottom (225 and below), we've got 3 types of avali, now am i don't believe i'm the only one who disagrees with the government ethics, and specially, the racial traits, just wanted to get some more discussion on avali politics going, mostly out of curiosity as to what people think, also, really cool render husky
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  14. HuskyPup

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    For those who are confused as of where the three avali races are, they're on the v1.5 race list. Also thanks!
  15. IFailAtGaming

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    thank you for pointing it out, someone must have re-ordered the list, it's now 167, or i guess ctrl-f "avali", that's probably easier, and more consistent in workiness
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  16. YellowDemonHurlr

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    I don't really know enough about Stellaris to contribute much, but I wouldn't characterize the avali as "strong" and they're more avian than reptilian (though birds are reptiles, and avali are neither because they're not from Earth). Also, if any of the "rouge" tribes comes trying to enslave me and sell my organs, I shall merely point and laugh.

    Well Titan's atmosphere is about the same, so I still think it would be opaque from afar and essentially pitch black on the surface. Titan's surface receives something like %0.1 as much as Earth.

    I'm trying to figure out what color Avalon would be with a nitrogen-hydrogen-methane atmosphere, but I don't have any training in interpreting absorption spectra. Blue, maybe?
  17. HuskyPup

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    I'm working hard on that every day with artists and people more focused on science. I've done many tests and I've only really posted the better looking results over the more realistic route. But if you guys want I have a semi-final version in the works. May not look pretty but it sure is as close as I can get to the actual color, density and lighting... of a theoretical Avalon.

    Edit: Dysta, a friend of mine, pointed out that following the concept art, the atmosphere is a very faint purple, this color is due to the Sun being yellow and the gas giant to be a deep blue. These colors mixing produces this Orange>Purple gradient.
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  18. Sock of Retribution

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    I really wouldn't be so sure about their being more avian than reptilian. Avali as a species are strikingly similar to, and almost certainly inspired by, the "dino-bird" family appearing in the late Jurassic period. Notice the lack of beak and presence of teeth, as well as the feather and wing structure. These guys are living (well, not anymore) evidence of the transition between reptiles and avians, right on the line betwixt the two: however, since they're generally still classified as reptiles, I see no reason that the avali shouldn't be too.


    I very highly doubt Avalon and Titan have approximately equal atmosphere densities if Titan lets that little light through. The avali, along with any other life on Avalon, almost certainly would not have evolved with eyes if that was the case. Furthermore, the concept art by Ryuujin himself on the wiki begs to differ. Titan is a good model for Avalon, but there is definitely room for a severe amount of difference between the two as well, so probably best not to use Titan as the all-encompassing model moon.
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    Well good to hear that you're trying to be as scientific and realistic as possible, that's always appreciated. And boy, does Avalon's sky look beautiful in my mind if it is indeed how you describe. Imagine the faint gas giant rings reflecting the sunlight... eyegasm.


    My gosh, they have all the great houses and the initial invading clans! In the name of Kerensky! *fangushing 'vali*

    anyways... Thanks for linking this comprehensive list, I probably would never have found it otherwise.
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    There's another thing we've got to ask ourselves... what about the clouds? How do they form what are they made of and should they be any different than what we have here on earth?

    Edit: Topology... also
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