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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by RyuujinZERO, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Cosmos Killer

    Eh, maybe you should say it once more so we get the message, kappa.
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  2. Relten

    Relten The End of Time

    We all have to start somewhere.
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  3. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Anyone know or have any ideas for Avali idioms and curses and the like? Equivalents to "How the hell?" "Jesus christ!" "What on earth?"

    I'm led to believe that Avali are relatively secular, but ancient Avali tribes when animistic, believing in spirits and whatnot. So the notion of a single god or a soul isn't for them.

    I have a few ideas, like "By the snow!" for a moment of surprise. "Pulling my feathers." for trying to be tricked.
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  4. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Phantasmal Quasar

    "Pulling my feathers" is a good one. I imagine comparisons to the malefactors would abound as well.

    I kind of cheated by using untranslated avali profanity (rika and mal to bal, primarily). The words, of course, were made up, but that's not a problem since Avali have many languages like we do so if it's not avali standard they're swearing in, you can just say it's one of the other languages,
  5. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Can you translate those to english so I have some context?

    Also, for a progress report, I've just hit Apex items using the description editor, not that it means much, since it's not organized alphabetically, but it's about 5% of Starbound's scannable objects. Descriptions are written up for the Ark, Ancient gates, and Ancient Vault items so far.
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  6. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Phantasmal Quasar

    They don't actually have any real meaning, but I use them in the places where you would use "damn" and "oh my god," respectively.
  7. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Cool. I figured as much.

    Just wrote the Apex Console Keyboard's description, I hope I'm staying relatively true to the race.

    "I'm told the Standard Illuminate Alphabet looks like random scratch marks. People should just be glad translation technology exists so I can even use this stupid keyboard."
  8. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Phantasmal Quasar

    Well an avali wouldn't need to be told what the standard Illuminate alphabet looks like, would he? He would already know it.

    Also, it does look like random scratch marks. You can see it in the concept art for the new Illuminate ship, on the bow.
  9. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well it's more referring to how other species would observe it. most human alphabets don't look like scratches, for the most part, and each letter is generally easily recognizable to us. Same for the Avali, I'd imagine. If someone told you your alphabet looked like random squiggles you'd probably be quick to rebut.
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  10. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Phantasmal Quasar

    In that case, what you want is "All my alien friends say our alphabet looks like chicken scratch."
  11. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This was probably discussed earlier in the thread and I may have missed it. But how do the Avali handle fire? Would it have even been possible to use safely on their homeworld?
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  12. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Phantasmal Quasar

    The chemical reaction we call fire requires oxygen, so it's not something the avali would have. There may be other autocatalytic reactions that occur on avalon that may or may not behave in a similar manner., but I don't know enough about chemistry to say what those might be.

    You know, I've talked about a lot of these things my machinima thread on the avali nexus forum. Maybe somebody will find it useful: (I link to page 5 because there's discussion of fire there).
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  13. Comito

    Comito Big Damn Hero

    You guys sure are giving Ryuujin a chance to answer these questions with actual facts.
  14. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ryuujin hasn't commented in this thread since October, back on page 37. By all evidence, complete strangers love the Avali more than their own creator. I'm not friends with Ryuujin. I don't have his phone number, I don't know his steam account, or have him as a contact on Skype or Discord. The best I have is I follow him on his FA account, and I poked him there and he never responded to me. I would love to actually be collaborating with Ryuujin on this right now. But alack and alas the dream remains abandoned.

    So speculation and unofficial fan-work is the best we can do right now.
  15. TR-219

    TR-219 Space Penguin Leader

    I think I might have found his steam profile, it seems to match, given he is from the UK, and the profile picture is identical. That and the line "You are filled with PROCRASTINATION!" is on both.
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  16. bjorn0411

    bjorn0411 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah ive had him on my steam friends list for ages, back in the original first mods comment page, him and I decided to play the alpha for Landmark, we never did but he and I talked at least.
    Point is, yeah thats his profile, go to his screenshots and youll eventually find a couple of avali images, even some that were never showed here, one showing a new crafting station of some sort and sliiightly better ship art than what weve seen here.

    Not saying you or anyone else here is likely to do this, but please for the love of god dont invade his steam, someone mentioned ages ago (jokingly, I believe) that we should pull him from whatever he is doing and get him back here, which would only annoy him and make us look like impatient brats.
    Again, not saying anyone here would actually bother him there, but ive seen it happen with other creators, they go silent for a while and suddenly ever single account they have is spammed to hell with "where are you?".
    If he is to return, I dont think interacting with his steam account in any way is gonna make it happen any faster.
  17. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    My intention at this point is just to let him know I'm doing this writing for the Avali. I'm probably going to keep doing this regardless, but having help from the source would be nice.

    Anyway, progress report. I've done about a 1/5th of every scannable object in the game so far, judging from eyeballing the list. I skipped ahead a bit after plodding my way through avian things to tackle most of the rest of the Protectorate intro. I spent most of all of yesterday getting to where I am now. Breaking for food and the occasional League game with my roommate.
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  18. TR-219

    TR-219 Space Penguin Leader

    This seems like a stupid question to me, but when the full "Avali+" mod that you're working on comes out, where would I be able to find it? on steam, on the nexus, here, or everywhere?
  19. TheOnlyRen

    TheOnlyRen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    No such thing as a stupid question, friend.

    As for where you'll find it. I'll probably keep it most updated on Steam and here in Starbound's mod section. I don't use Nexus mods for anything other than Skyrim.

    Aside from that, not much progress was done in the last few days. Going through unique biome furnishings at present, halted at Foundry in particular. The work is, unsurprisingly, extremely tedious, with few opportunities so far to really hone in Avali culture without it being overwhelming. I'm tempering the PC to not reference Avalon or Aerogel or Drones or etc. with every item scanned, so most of the time I'm defaulting to variations of what the other races say (sometimes a chair is just a chair, after all). So far the going idea is to have more unique responses to any technical item, such as computers, anything made out of wood, and display weapons, in addition to planned unique responses to food items and farmables. My research (I.E. reading back through the threads for Avali) has led me to believe that Avali can, for the most part, stomach traditional earth foods without much issue (wheat and sugar, in particular, come to mind), more so if the Avali in question is augmented properly.
  20. Sock of Retribution

    Sock of Retribution Industrial Terraformer

    It would be much appreciated, by me at least, if you were to elaborate on the nature of said variations of the other races' dialogue; despite your text wall, I feel a little in the dark as to what this entails. As for specific references to Avalon and avali culture, I think it's perfectly fine if it's warranted in context and practiced in moderation; I'm assuming this was already your plan, but just making sure.
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