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    Automatics in Halfway bug me. Display inflated ammo capacity, but not *actually* get extra shots? Check. Display total damage for the volley, rather than per hit? Check. Only calculate hit/miss for the first projectile? Check. This was incredibly jarring when I first encountered it.

    So I fixed it. Note, this makes automatics considerably more powerful (use it with the high-difficulty mode if you want it reasonably balanced).

    Note too, this is a core mod. You must add the zip file to the class path given in config.json before halfway-desktop.jar. If you don't understand the format, you can copy config.json out of the mod's zip file into the game directory.

    Finally, this is not available on steam as the upload fails. I may try again later if people really want it.

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      Well, as should surprise no one, this is morphing from a single-issue fix to a collection of minor tweaks. Tired of units wasting retaliate attacks against units outside their max range? Now units with a hit chance < 25% will hold their fire. Also, if you use retaliate with 2 AP left, you can retaliate twice (unless the target is mostly stationary (turrets), at which point >1% hit chance prompts fire).

      I want to implement a proper overwatch, but that is proving difficult as the game actually teleports units to their destination. Going to have to figure out how the walk-interrupt code works to handle it, and even then it might be tricky as it *shouldn't* interrupt walk on a missed shot (or a shot that isn't fatal).

      Note that this collection of changes now makes enemy turrets actually dangerous.

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